UAA wins $1.5 million grant for alcohol study

The UAA Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies was awarded the money to identify different types of alcoholics in Alaska.

The money was used to fund a five-year study. UAA was selected for the study for two main reasons: Alaska needs to address the problem of alcoholism, and be involved in a national study on the causes of alcoholism.

Contest to design new campus entrance

A contest with $8,000 in prizes was announced by the board of regents for designing an entrance at the junction of Seawolf Drive and the circular road by the Business Building.

There were no rules to the contest regarding what kind of structure could be built: signs, gates, arches, flagpoles and benches are all options.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates
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What we are wondering is, did anyone enter the contest? Because as far as we can tell, none of us have ever been welcomed to UAA by any spectacular entrance.


Don’t call harassers ‘students’ without proof.

The Northern Light received a lot of letters from people in the Lower 48 after the moose trampling incident in January 1995. These letters accused UAA students of being jerks, disgusting and sick for apparently throwing snowballs at the cow moose that eventually killed a man on campus.

This editorial addressed the issue of how anyone could know whether it was UAA students who were harassing the animal, and urged people not to place blame without knowing facts.


Jan. 25 – A woman called to request assistance in locating her brother, who was supposed to meet her at the bookstore for a ride home. When she arrived, he was not there. She went home and called UPD. UPD was also unable to locate him. The woman called back and told UPD her brother had been waiting for her at a different entrance. No further assistance was needed.


Letter to the Editor: UAA employee takes offense at a column

Dear editor,
I am really appalled at some of the content in the student newspaper. This week particularly in your “Real Horoscope” under Leo you really want to promote masturbation and there are several other gross innuendos referring to “mom,” killing someone to be famous, your child killing you and sticking something up your colon. Are these the kinds of things you want to promote within the UAA community?

As an employee, I am extremely set back by this kind of image associate with UAA, or any university! Let’s show a little discretion and emotional maturity that should accompany this community. No wonder enrollment is down every semester. This sort of publicity could be a factor.

Note – Leo in the horoscopes this week: An old woman will bake you a pie, then throw you into a door at a bar.

KRUA Top Artists
Noses – Flat out
Buckwheat Zydeco – Five card Stud
Melt – Banana
Speak – Squeak Creak
Sick Of It All – Scratch the Surface
Magnapop – Hot Boxing

USUAA Report
The vice president resigned after only a week, frustrated when the motion to pass a resolution he authored asking the university to include the term “sexual orientation” on the non-discrimination statement was delayed.

Student Activities Act
John Kulm: Cowboy Poet – An official Fur Rondy event. An obscure folk-art of poetry, comedy and music.

Sports Results
Women’s basketball vs. Seattle Pacific – Lose 88-91

Women’s basketball vs. Portland State – Lose 83-63

Men’s basketball vs. Nanooks – Win 79-77

Hockey vs. Northern Michigan – Game 1: Win 5-4, Game 2: Lose 5-3

Verve Wisdom
I realize in “coming out of the pet closet” I’m probably alienating myself from the 50 percent of my readers who are cat people. Sometimes you just gotta take a stand (besides, I’ll still be left with the more intelligent, genetically superior, other 50 percent).

Verve was a humor column written by Ryan Warren.