The Weeknd steers us through heartbreak in ‘My Dear Melancholy’

The Weeknd has a distinct sound that can be distinguished from other music, with melodic and dark tones accompanied by translucent electric R&B soul beats. The Canadian artist who debuted his first album “House of Balloons” in 2011, and is known for his song, “Starboy,” has tapped back into his original sound with a large serving of heartbreak in his new release “My Dear Melancholy.”


The album consists of six songs with a total run time of 22 minutes. The album’s size takes you on an emotional journey through The Weeknd’s eyes.

The Weeknd’s front man, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and Selena Gomez dated for several months in 2017 before going separate ways. Gomez had rekindled her relationship with Justin Bieber, and Tesfaye was not at all thrilled with Bieber coming back into her life. After the split up, The Weeknd created “My Dear Melancholy” to show us the dark, brooding, raw side of his freshly broken heart.

Accompanying his desperate and painful lyrics are the synthesized beats and warbling codas that draw you in his emotions. Each song displays his inner turmoil of being sour, callous and tainted like in “Wasted Time” to feeling the need to fix their relationship and making it work in “Call Out My Name.”

The album starts off with a ballad on piano. Through those first 30 seconds or so, the lyrics expose his vulnerability through lines like, “I put you on top, I put you on top / I claimed you so proud and openly / And when times were rough, when times were rough / I made sure I held you close to me.” The song then progresses in slow, but powerful snares to larger vocal crescendo.

The first half of each song starts off in a translucent state of feeling numb, then The Weeknd redeems his pride in the last half of generally telling us that he has come out on top.

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“My Dear Melancholy” is almost like finding the torn-out pages of The Weeknd’s diary that he’s so desperately trying to get rid of. The secrets that he’s spilled out onto those pages have spoken volumes. It’s relatable in all sense of feeling so emotionally invested in someone and having to end it on a bad note.

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The Weeknd’s new heartbreak album is direct and stings quite smoothly, lyric wise. The mini-album has successfully told the tale of his emotional turmoil with 26 million streams in the first 24 hours of its release on Apple Music.

If you’ve never experienced a painful heartbreak, “My Dear Melancholy” can take you through an empathetic story of all the stages of pain and vulnerability.

Rating: 3 out of 5