The top ten worst official mascots in college sports

 #10 Captain Cane – University of Tulsa

Born in the 1990’s, Captain Cane took the place of previous nine foot tall Huffy. There has been much talk of retiring the current mascot. He has undergone several procedures to reform his abnormally large head after being voted in the bottom ten mascots nation-wide. Clearly his new head is worse than his previous. No mascot might be a better alternative to this one, however Captain Cane is not ready to give up his command just yet.


#9 Sebastian the Ibis – Miami University

This daring duck was born in 1957 as the result of a homecoming competition to select a new mascot for the school. Student John Stormont was first to dress as Sebastian. The current costume is from the 1980’s. His favorite tradition is leading the team onto the field in the Orange Bowl each year where he emerges from a cloud of white smoke. The sight of a deranged duck emerging from a smoky tunnel definitely conveys the intensity of the game.


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 #8 Friar – Providence University

Born in 2001, Friar was designed to take the place of beloved Friar Boy the V, a lively Dalmatian who served as the mascot for several years before he passed. Friar has appeared on ESPN’s “This is Sports Center” commercials. He enjoys walking around campus and showing his school spirit when he’s not pumping up the crowd at sporting events. The innocent Dalmatian would strike more fear into their opponents and a hooded friar boy.


#7 Big Red – Western Kentucky University 

Born in 1979 this “spirit of the west” was designed by student Ralph Carey. Big Red’s signature moves include the belly slide and the belly shake. In 1996 he reached the final four of ESPN Spirit zone’s Battle of the Mascots. In 2005 he was voted favorite mascot at the NCAA Mascot Marina celebration in Indianapolis, IN. Whoever voted clearly needs a little redirection and education about what a real mascot is.


#6 Brutus the Buckeye – Ohio State University

Brutus was born in 1965. The majority of other colleges at the time had live animals as their mascots, however OSU student Ray Bourhis convinced OSU athletics to make Brutus the official mascot, deemed the only suitable mascot would be a buck deer. Bourhis eventually came to the conclusion this was too difficult and retired the idea, thus creating Brutus. He earned his fierce name in a campus wide contest. Brutus was originally a 4o pound fiberglass shell. He has since lost weight and loves going to sporting events alike. His latest scandal involves an outbreak between him and foe Rufus the Bobcat of Ohio University

#5 The Fighting Pickle – North Carolina School of the Arts

This prideful pickle was born in 2010 as a contest winner after UNCSA held a competition to create a new mascot. 27 students submitted entries to the contest. Dina Perez, a sophomore costume design student is responsible for the creation. This fighting pickle is eager to take on the 2011 season and show off the new school mascot. Need I even say anything about this?


#4 WuShock – Wichita State University

The idea for WuSchock was born in 1904 when a poster promoting a football game against the Chilocco Indians was posted, referring to WSU as the “Shockers”. When they weren’t in season, many athletes harvested wheat for extra money, also called shocking, hence the team manager chose the name. The WuShock, which was created by students, is a combination of the school’s abbreviation WU and shocking. The “muscle bound bundle of wheat” confesses to being a bad boy having been kidnapped and kicked out of games. He’s even made an appearance in a movie. He loves going to sporting events to excite the crowds and appear at special events on campus. Seriously? Who designs there school mascot around grass?

#3 GeoDuck – Evergreen State University

Pronounced “gooey duck,” the mascot came out of his shell new and improved in 2006, reintroduced at a men’s basketball game where he received a standing ovation. He is the creation of student Alice Dietz. A geoduck, in case you were wondering, is an aboriginal mollusk of the Pacific Northwest. It has a large tubular organ that protrudes from its shell that is used to eject and take in fluids. It weighs in at three pounds and lives up to 150 years. How intimidating.


#2 Gaylord the Camel – Campbell University

Gaylord, born in 1933 took the place of former mascot the Hornet. The nickname “The Camels” was derived when Dr. Campbell feared the fate of his university and his friend reassured him, “Your name’s Campbell; then get a hump on you. We’ve got work to do!” Campbell misunderstood him and thought he had said, “You’re a camel, get a hump on you,” thus the nickname. Despite the camel’s 78-year streak as the mascot, it might be wise for CU to return the hornets.


 #1 Sammy the Banana Slug – The University of California- Santa Cruz

Officially born in 1986 Sammy kicked of his career with a victory against the second school mascot, the sea lion. Students deemed Sammy the unofficial mascot in the University’s early years. However, the Chancellor declared the sea lion a better suitor. The students refused to give in and fought for the slug. After five years the Chancellor reluctantly gave in and declared the banana slug as the official UCSC mascot. Sammy is most proud of receiving a full page spread in People’s Magazine as well as appearing in Reader’s Digest and Sports Illustrated. Sammy recently celebrated 25 years as the official UC Santa Cruz mascot. It doesn’t look like this unfortunate slug is going anywhere any time soon.