The Second Impeachment

After the insurrection at the capitol, many congress people started to draft articles of impeachment. This would be the first time in United States history that a president would be impeached twice. The house is trying to impeach the president on accounts of incitement of insurrection for encouraging his supporters for inciting violence on the Capitol. They introduced these articles of impeachment on January 8th and held a trial on January 13th on the same senate floor that was raided a week earlier.

Never in the history of the United States has there ever been two impeachments from a president. Image courtesy of ABC news.

“[The president] is a clear and present danger-the house has a sacred obligation to stand with the truth.” house speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the beginning of the trial on January 13th. 

During the trial, many republican were against the articles of impeachment because there was only a week left in Trump’s presidency so having this trial wouldn’t make much of an impact. Others who didn’t support the second impeachment would also state that impeaching the then president would incite more violence. In the end the vote was 232 to 197 for the second impeachment of former president Trump. 

In order for these articles to pass, 10 republicans stood with the democrats on a second impeachment. Dan Newhouse from Washington state was one of the republicans who did vote on the articles of impeachment. “Last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the Capitol and he did nothing to stop it. That is why, with a heavy heart and clear resolve, I will vote yes on these articles of impeachment.” Newhouse said to the senate on the 13th. 

Leading up to inauguration day, thousands of troops from all 50 states were sent to the Capitol for additional security. Not only was the United States capitol taking extra precautions, there was also more policing around state capitols as well. There were rumors circulating that there were supposed to be violent protests in all 50 capitols but there weren’t many recorded the whole week.

Since the intersection of the US capitol, many capitals across the US made extra precautions incase of more rioting. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

After the insurrection, many people have been charged with the storming of the capitol. A popular social media network called “Parlor” was removed from many downloading platforms because of the spread of misinformation and hate speech. This platform was used mainly by right wing conspiracy theorists. Many of those same people are trying to get the platform back, but have yet to be successful. 

The senate officially gave the articles of impeachment to the house of representatives on January 25th. The official trial will start on February 5th. According to, the former president has the lowest approval rating from a leaving president with a 29% approval rating.