The Red Feather: An Advice Column with a Twist.

Ladies, Gents, Circus performers in all forms, colors, and sizes,

-Huddle up and lend me your ears!

Today is the beginning of a new era.  A day where advice, street smarts and the thirst for knowledge are just around the corner. The Northern Light will now host an advice column for advice-seekers, mission inquirers, and University of Alaska students alike.  No matter the issue, sex, relationships, financial, school…etc., I am all ears.

As common sense knows, Advice takes a great heart of compassion and a patient soul. According to friends, family, and some strangers on the street, those are some of my two best qualities.

So give me your pickles and problems, your awkward moments, or questions you’re too afraid to ask.  I will hear them all and for those lucky few, I will write back to them, in the next issue. My email is [email protected].

Now, without further delay, I bid you adieu.


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The Red Feather