The Northern Light’s 2010-2011 Year in Review

“Bong hits 4 Jesus” lawyer joins UAA

By Ashley Snyder | 03 September 2010

Professor Brandeis has been a dedicated member of the school, volunteering his time to many of UAA’s activities. He has spoken on topics of legal interest, such as the “Gender Issues in Justice System Professions” presentation hosted last February. He also worked with UAA students in the Student Constitutional Convention commemorating the anniversary of Alaska’s Constitution.

These positive experiences with students here are what influenced him to pursue a career as a professor at UAA.

Enthusiastic about the new year, Professor Brandeis has many goals planned for his students.

“Sometimes there can be a big disconnect between what is taught in the classroom and what happens in the real world. I hope to be able to use my experience to prepare my students for the realities of working in the legal professions,” Brandeis said.

Gubernatorial debate cover topics from energy to Twilight
By Shana Roberson | 18 October 2010

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The Northern Light considers the tense political climate Alaska is experiencing; a debate in which gubernatorial candidates announced their position on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob was oddly refreshing.

Youth Vote, a student led program sponsored by the League Of Women Voters Anchorage chapter, hosted a debate Monday at West Anchorage High School that included Democratic candidate Ethan Berkowitz, Libertarian candidate William Toien and Republican candidate Gov. Sean Parnell.

Toien and Berkowitz had not seen the movie, but Parnell said he had seen the movie and was Team Edward.  On a similar note the candidates listed their favorite movies.  Parnell’s was “Band of Brothers,” Berkowitz chose “Casablanca” and Toien listed “V for Vendetta” as his most favorite movie.

As the debate came to a close, the candidates were asked to put their vision for Alaska in one word, a fitting summary to a lively forum.  Berkowitz chose a self-reliant, Toien chose freedom and Parnell chose opportunity.


UAA lose heartbreaker in double overtime
By Taylor Hall | 14 November 2010

In what was by far the most exciting game featured in the whole 2010 Disney West Coast Tip-Off Classic, the UAA Women’s basketball team fell short 79-73 in a double overtime thriller against Texas Woman’s University.

The Seawolves found themselves down four after the first half and have to play catch-up for the first time this season. UAA, who came out firing and hitting their first six three-point attempts in the second half, finally got their first lead seven minutes into the second half. The two teams traded baskets throughout the rest of regulation and would find themselves deadlocked at 61-61 to take the game into overtime.

Natalie Portman delivers a performance to remember
By Heather Hamilton | 08 December 2010

Ballet isn’t the most groundbreaking of subject matters, nor is it typically the most compelling, but the pristine and polished realm of the ballerina serves as an interesting playing field for the dark undertones of both the movie and the deep recesses of the human heart.

Portman is, in a word, phenomenal. From role to role she melds with her characters so completely that it is easy to forget her contributions to other movies. Portman has played roles such as Padme in the three newer “Star Wars” installments, Evey in “V for Vendetta” and Anne Boleyn in “The Other Boleyn Girl.” Each role is greatly different from the next, and yet she fits herself into each of them masterfully.

The astronomy behind Ophiuchus: The new sign
By Kate Lindsley | 18 January 2011

January 13, 2011. The day astrological signs were magically re-evaluated. I read many rumors floating around Facebook status updates about this. “If you’re born after 2009, it doesn’t apply to you”, or “How could I be a stupid Ophiuchus?”, or, my personal favorite, “My world has been rocked!” A nearly 3,000-year-old practice magically changed, at least to most Americans. Ophiuchus was introduced to the everyday astrologer.

The news revealed by a Minneapolis astronomer that shook the lives of astrology-followers nationwide has been known since 130 BCE when astronomer Hipparchus first noticed the precession. Dr. Puckett also revealed that Ophiuchus has been around since astrology’s beginnings, but was “ignored there on the Sun’s path”.

Shared governance policy not followed in Chancellor appointment
By Matt Caprioli | 08 February 2011

The faculty was unanimous in criticizing Gamble’s chancellor search.  The general consensus was that he started very late and ended abruptly early. Vice President Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya commented, “To use the language of science-fiction, it seemed to me a hyper-spatial jump”.

President of the Faculty Senate, John Petraitis said,

“I was under the impression we were a long way from the finish line.”

Petraitis served on the Chancellor Search Advisory Committee, which was a group of Alumni, Deans, Faculty, and community leaders, such as Anchorage School District Superintendent Carol Comeau. The committee was not in session long enough to produce a list of possible chancellors. Normally, faculty has more time and leverage to suggest possible chancellors or comment on a list of finalists.

USUAA President heaps praise onto UAF hockey team
By Alden Lee | 06 March 2011

The UAF Nanooks are the best collegiate hockey team in the state of Alaska–according to USUAA President Miles  Brookes and a proposed resolution from UAA’s student government.

On the 28th of February, President Brookes released an official resolution calling for the UAF Nanooks to be recognized as the best collegiate hockey team in the state of Alaska. The resolution followed the Nanooks’ claim of the 2011 Alaska Airlines Governor’s Cup, in which UAA and UAF split the series and UAF took victory through the resulting shootout.

According to the official statement, the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) President Nicole Carvajal and the Union of Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA) President Miles Brookes placed a “friendly wager” on the outcome of the Governor’s Cup competition. As a result of the UAF win, President Brookes is now proposing that UAA offer public praise toward UAF’s “giant cup glory.”

Nursing students challenge image of Nurse
By Matt Caprioli | 12 April 2011

Suzette Blaser was rocking a crib with Lori, 4 months, while Lori’s fraternal twin, Alexander, bounced on the right knee of Jessica Wheelhouse. They had no obligation toward these babies, yet they took the time to care for them while fundraising in the PSB. Melissa Dawley, having counted the day’s total and already in scrubs, was about to leave for clinical practice at Providence Hospital.

Their charity work in Mombasa, Kenya will require $4,500 each. That covers airfare, transportation and lodging for 17 days. They will work in Port Reitz District Hospital, which specializes as a children’s hospital.

“The type of people I find inspiring are those who are willing to take risks in pursuit of making a difference.  So many nurses settle down in routines and although they care for their patients they become idle.  I enjoy working with and learning from nurses with a diverse background who have challenged the traditional role as a nurse.  I am very inspired to work with nurses who volunteer their time both here in Alaska and around the globe,” Dawley said.