‘The Night Circus:’ Welcome, one and all, to the circus of dreams


There is an aura of elegant mystery surrounding “The Night Circus,” and it’s not just because of the black-and-white colored tents. Though the monochrome carnival certainly plays a part, it’s the author’s depiction of the struggle between the dark and the light that makes us readers beg for more.

Written in 2011, “The Night Circus” is Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, and it has certainly become a smashing success since then. The story’s centerpiece is the Night Circus herself, complete with elements of magical simplicity – yet there is no denying beauty into the equation. Woven between the pages are the tales of the peculiar performers and wide-eyed patrons, each chapter different that the last.

I’ve been reading “The Night Circus” annually for five years now, and each reread finds a new detail or a new element of foreshadowing I had not previously spotted. The meticulous word choice is incredible, the imagery deliberate and the secrets hidden within the novel are not always readdressed — leaving us readers wondering more and more about this fantasy world Morgenstern has created.

In the end, “The Night Circus” is not a story about a carnival. It is a story about the contrast between right and wrong, dark and light, love and hate. It tells us to bring all the broken bricks of our past struggles and hardships and create from them a pathway that will lead to the other side of the curtain, despite all the other pathways that has already been set before us.

Overall, this feat deserves a standing ovation.