The New Star Wars Film Awakens your Nostalgia

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When I was kid I had an uncle who was obsessed with Star Wars. He collected all the action figures, which one day would be given to me to inherit. When the new series of Star Wars films were announced I was pleasantly surprised and was curious as to which direction the franchise would go.

I scored a ticket from a friend for opening night and saw it in IMAX to further get the full Star Wars experience. As I walked in, I encountered two people dressed as Han Solo and Princess Lea. Costumes, “I am in for a spectacle,” I sarcastically muttered to myself. Well, I was right but not in a bad way.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is a spectacle. It is an epic space opera filled with awesome lightsaber fights, exciting starfighter battles, and eccentric costumes. We are introduced to a whole new set of characters, encounter a few old ones, and continue the ongoing war of good versus evil.

The new lead characters, Rey and Finn, played by Daisy Ridley (“Scrawl”) and John Boyega (“Major Lazer”) are relatively unknown actors that enter the film with an exuberant energy that makes them instantly likable. Add in actors Adam Driver from HBO’s “Girls” and Oscar Issac from the films, “A Most Violent Year” and “Ex Machina” and the cast is filled with an impressive fresh new blood.

The most impressive part of “The Force Awakens” in the balance that director JJ Abrams is able to find. Abrams, most famous for anything nerdy (“Alias,” “Lost,” and “Star Trek”) had the daunting task of creating a story that would add to the Star Wars universe but please its loyal fan base.

Instead of a montage of computer-generated imagery that created the unpopular character Jar Jar Binks, the film reverts to scale models and practical filmmaking. Abrams also brought in Lawrence Kasdan, the screenwriter of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” to rewrite the film. These simple feats reinvigorated “The Force Awakens” to the premise of what makes the original Star Wars trilogy so memorable.

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“The Force Awakens” does come with some flaws and questionable plot holes. It loses steam throughout the middle of the film but manages to finish strong. However, when a movie is as popular as this it will naturally be ripped apart and examined from every angle.

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“The Force Awakens” in a film that fans of the original trilogy and a new set of fans can both admire. The new saga of Star Wars is riveting and promises to leave the audience waiting patiently until the next film in 2017. When I finally got a chance to talk to my uncle about it, he loved it.

Title: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Director: J. J. Abrams

Released: December 18, 2015

Genre: Action/ Fantasy