The concept of race is cultural, not scientific

The concept of race — that physical features determine intelligence, ability, character — does not exist in science.  The mapping of human DNA shows that there is no gene for race — no gene for “Negro,” ” Asian,” “Caucasian,” etc.  The DNA associated with skin color, facial features, body types is a small fraction of the human genome, and does not correlate to anything else.  From Dostoevsky, humanity is infinitely diverse and resists classification.

The concept of race is cultural — not biological, not scientific.  It was created to justify the discrimination, persecution, and slaughter of those who look, act, or think differently.  The terms “mixed race,” “mixing of the races,” “inferior/superior races” and “interracial marriage” are from a brutish, ignorant past, and have no meaning today.  Marriage is about love and commitment — it has nothing to do with skin color, gender, ethnicity, religion.

The science used to justify “race” is fraudulent, propped up by hatred and greed.  It always has been.  There are no human races, only human beings. And all human beings need self-expression, purpose and recognition as much as they need food and water.

Thomas Harrison Morse
UAA Faculty