That’s the Fixx: One thing led to another at Koot’s

Taking the audience back to 1982, The Fixx showed Anchorage that even 20 years later the band can still play the rock and roll of the ‘80s. Best known for the classic retro tunes, “One thing leads to another” and “Stand or fall,” the British rock band’s performance was fitting for a crowd of all ages.

“This one is for everyone in the room,” Lead singer Cyril “Cy” Curnin said before jumping into a song and encouraging the crowd to sing along.

Lighting up the central stage Nov. 8 at Chilkoot Charlie’s for over $30 a head, the Fixx played for 100 or more people. The event was sponsored by local businesses, including the Anchorage Press, Beauty Rest and Powerhouse Gym.

Exploding into the new wave scene following the 1982 album “Shuttered Room,” the Fixx became an MTV staple, not only for ground breaking popular music but also for their social/political messages and lyrics. Inspired by the new wave romantic movement happening in London during the late 70s and early 80s, the Fixx pushed for screaming guitar leads and incorporated synthesizer elements of sound on top of the standard four person rock set.

Sitting behind a stack of three synthesizer keyboards, Rupert Greenall added mesmerizing melodic sound and sang backup vocals. Also singing backup vocals was lead guitarist Jaime West-Oram and bassist Dan Brown.

The guitar parts had Oram scaling all the way up the neck of an electric and back down again. The bass lines pumped through the large speakers vibrating bodies from a distance. Drummer Adam Woods played rapidly in the back keeping a foot tapping beat throughout the show.

Unlike some more modern rock concerts, an older crowd filled the dance floor dancing and singing along in reminiscence. A middle-aged couple smoked cigars and twirled one another bellowing smoke upward, with a cloud hovering underneath the track lighting.

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Curnin’s dramatic stage gestures were distinctively different than rock stars seen on MTV today. Reaching his arms theatrically into the air, pulling his hand from his face to symbolize a mask and blowing kisses to the audience, it was obvious that the Fixx are from another time. Influences of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel could be heard and seen in the energy of Curnin’s message.

The Fixx kicked off the show with a new song and upon screaming requests bounced back in time to earlier songs. Fans can look for the most recent album, “Want That Life,” but have over 12 other albums throughout two decades to wade through. One fan screamed from the audience for Curnin to play something old, and as he started into a song responded, “Is this old enough for you?”

The third Fixx album “React,” released in 1987 has the popular chart topper “One thing leads to another.”

“Thank you for putting food on my table,” Curnin said after performing the anticipated number. “It’s a wonderful song.”

The Fixx left the stage and returned for one encore. After playing a few more songs the show came to a close. Curnin was seated in the corner of the swing bar after the performance but Koot’s bouncers would not let anyone pass to ask Curnin questions.