Tarantino tops with ‘Snatch’

A new name has unexpectedly risen from the depths of the crime-drama genre, and he has delivered one of the most raw and hilarious movies in film history. Guy Ritchie, director and writer of "Snatch", is quite simply the best thing to happen to Hollywood in an uncomfortably long time. What could be so great about his low-brow film, which only made eight million dollars opening weekend? Everything. The style of the film is not completely unique, but is so well elaborated that we get the sensation that we are watching the unarguably best Quentin Tarantino film ever.

Sure, the actors (Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina, Benicio Del Toro, to name a few) all play spectacular and dark characters which add to the film's hilarity, but what makes "Snatch" great? Quite honestly, you'll have to see for yourself. The perfection of the timing and sequence in Ritchie's directing cannot be captured in mere print. The perfectly synchronized out-of-sequence scene succession and the razor sharp dialogue is a valuable asset to the movie, but what pushes "Snatch" over the edge is the little details that are only understandable when you actually see the film.

So what is it about, you may ask? Well, what isn't it about, is a better question to ask. There are four different storylines and a dozen different characters with separate agendas. In a sentence, the plot revolves around diamond heist. Most of the characters are in pursuit of the tremendous stone, while others are caught in the middle of the fiasco, simply trying to survive. Which brings up another major part of the film- It's dark humor.

Brutal violence made funny. Never before has a film been released in which the slapstick comedy was so visceral. Head shootings, corpse mutilation, human torching and "Snatch" has got it all. As you can tell, this is no walk in the park, in any case.

In closing, there's nothing more to say that can give you a clear picture of how good this film is. You simply must go experience it and tell others about this masterpiece of a film. "Snatch" could be the sleeper hit of the season, and if you chose not to see it yet, well, it's never too late to correct a mistake.