“Tango” sure to be a weird, wacky evening

"Tango" is now playing at the University of Alaska Anchorage Mainstage Theatre through Oct. 28. Tickets are available at CarrsTix (786-4TIX). Dr. David Edgecombe of the Theatre Department is the director, and Brandon Lawrence is the assistant director. The cast includes UAA students Stuart Matthews as Arthur, Alison Gal as Arthur's mother, Fran Morley as Eugenia, Rick Barreras as Eugene, Erick Robertson as Eddy, Paul Rufus as Arthur's father, and Linnea Hollinsworth as Ala.

The following was taken from Lawerence's review of the show:

“Tango," by Slawomir Mrozek, is a political comedy dealing with communism, and the Nazi occupation of Poland….What Tango is above all else, is weird.

The play takes place inside a house – out of time – that is supposed to represent the entire world. The house is inhabited by a family that is so dysfunctional, they make the people on Jerry Springer look like a Brady family reunion.

…heading up this cavalcade of wackiness is UAA newcomer Stuart Matthews…Stuart has far surpassed our expectations, bringing a youthful spark to the character. Offering a little more experience to the cast is UAA regular Alison Gal.

The only true advise I can give you [about seeing the show] is to check any sense of reality at the door. This show is weird, people. It is wild, out of control, and just down-right nuts.”