‘Super Meat Boy’ a rather interesting Team Meat release

The development team behind “Super Meat Boy” has definitely got some crazy ideas kicking around in their heads. For starters, the characters are named Meat Boy, Bandage Girl and Dr. Fetus, who is a fetus in a jar wearing a tuxedo.
Really, it’s all pretty interesting, and deliciously over the top.

The game tasks the player, as Meat Boy, to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the evil Dr. Fetus. Why? Because Dr. Fetus hates them both for some strange reason, one that is never really explained. And this is okay, as the gamer will even forget the narrative as they fight buzz saws to complete the game for bragging rights.

On the game-play side, it’s pretty simple: guide Meat Boy to his ladylove and avoid all of the obstacles in the way. These obstacles are various incarnations of saws. Seriously, there are about 15 different types of saws to keep Meat Boy from the goal. The game keeps it simple with a faux 8-bit style and 2D plain. Another thing about “Super Meat Boy” is that it is ridiculously hard.

In all, the game will cause the player to become accustomed to random deaths, cheap or otherwise, and they will love every minute of it.

“Super Meat Boy” also has the most comical use of gore ever. This is in part to the trail of meat/blood that Meat Boy leaves in his wake. Not only is this a good indication of the humor, but also how to pass a level. The paths stay on the ground, helping the player find the next way around the obstacle.

Fortunately, there are also replays that the player can use. After completing a level, the player is treated to their replay. These can also be shared for bragging rights to friends. It is a big bragging right to have completed the last level after you have died 347 times on a rock below a buzz saw.

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This is however, masochistic to the gamer, who will want to play to the end just to say that they conquered the level, only to have the game cut out the fleshy parts of Meat Boy and hand them back. It’s really part of the appeal that makes this game so enjoyable.

It takes the old school games of yesteryear and brings in the new with an absurd plot and has the player work for progress.

It’s not a new concept, but for those that have been stuck on the constant instant gratification of just playing the game and getting rewarded, they won’t be happy. But for those elite few, the game will be just what Dr. Fetus ordered.