Students to showcase unique abilities in UAA Talent Show

On April 19 at 7 p.m., UAA students, staff, faculty, and the general public will have the opportunity to watch students show off their unique talents in the UAA Talent Show.

Teresa Perez, a sophomore in medical assisting, is coordinating the talent show through Student Activities and Commuter Programs. Although there have been talents shows at UAA in the past, Perez hopes to carry on the show for years to come if it proves successful.

“[The talent show] is kind of my baby, I’m pretty much starting from scratch.” Perez said. “It should have a good turnout because we’ve done a lot of advertising… and people who don’t think they have talents can just go to watch others and have fun.”

The stressful time at the end of the spring semester inspired Perez to create the event as a way to unwind before finals, and to get to know other students better.

“It’s just a fun thing to do before school ends,” Perez said. “Some students might not have time to express their talents because school is so busy. [The show] is a fun way of seeing and getting a deeper appreciation for different student’s talents.”

Performers in the talent show are given the freedom to showcase a wide variety of talents, such as singing, stand up comedy, playing instruments and more. Each student gets a maximum of five minutes on stage.

Sierra Smith, first year music education major, will be performing a piece with her bass guitar. Smith’s love for the instrument has led to three years of experience, as well as participation in multiple bands, orchestra and choir at her high school.

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“My absolute favorite part about bass guitar is how rhythmic and funky the instrument is, and I love how vital the bass part is to every genre of music,” Smith said.

Although she has played guitar and ukulele on stage, this will be her first performance with bass guitar. Smith hopes to gain experience and new friendships from participating in the talent show.

uaa talent show.png
Photo credit: Jian Bautista

“I’ve come to realize college has a much more independent learning style than high school, with not as many social opportunities,” Smith said. “I think fun events like this talent show is just a delightful way to meet some new study buddies on campus.”

A panel of judges will assess the performers based off of a set of criteria, including overall performance, stage presence, creativity, originality and more. Three winners will be chosen by the judges, with cash prizes of $100 for first place, and $25 each for second and third.

Seth Venhaus, property management major and student event planner for Student Activities and Commuter Programs, assisted Perez with the planning of the talent show. Venhaus became a student event planner to “get more involved with student activities and UAA in general,” and sees the show as a great way to do that.

“These kind of events are a good way to bring people together, make new friends and find people who do the same hobbies,” Venhaus said. “People love to show off their talents, and it’s a great place to do that.”

The UAA Talent Show takes place on April 19 from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Building, Room 150. The event is free for students taking six or more credits. For the general public, tickets are $5 and can be purchased through UAATix.