Students cut short by UAA athletics again

With the recent release of the prioritization report plans for an expanded Seawolf Hockey area in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex has been announced. The current plans will account for the loss of about 15% of the student recreation areas. When does the cutting of student facilities end?

With the building of the Alaska Airlines Center students were promised a workout facility and really only got a cardio room out of the deal. Students were optimistic though that the space at least added something but, then the workout facilities at the Gorsuch Commons were taken out, further reducing the space available to students to work out. And now to top it all off the Wells Fargo Sports Complex workout facility for students is being cut short again by UAA athletics.

And for what? New locker rooms, a players’ lounge (with a kitchen, fireplace and bar), a training facility, a multipurpose room, a coaches’ locker room and hydrotherapy room. And for who? Not for the students that’s for sure. It’s all for the Seawolf hockey program.

The question remains who does UAA administration really care about, the students who are breaking the bank to try to get a higher education or their precious athletic program? That’s not to say that athletics aren’t important, but UAA needs to put a higher value on ALL student needs, not just the needs of the athletic program.