Student Clubs and Greek Life office has environmentally friendly features

LED lights, recycled carpet and durable furniture are a few of the sustainable features that the Student Clubs and Greek Life office included in their new space.

These features also helped cut costs, said Nicole Hinkley, the leadership coordinator for student organizations and Greek life.

Hinkley started her job in June 2007, after the project had started. She credited the sustainable features to Patrica Baum, the designer, and Bruce Schultz, Dean of Students and associate vice chancellor for Student Development.

“(They) were dedicated to making sure we were environmentally aware,” Hinkley said.

The grand opening of the office occurred after the Student Involvement Fair on Feb. 2, where 22 student organizations had booths to inform students about their groups.

The office, located in the Student Union next to the computer lab and Union Station Café, where the former office of The Northern Light was located, was revealed by ribbon cutters Baum, Schultz, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Linda Lazzell, Student Life and Leadership Director Annie Route, and former president of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Melissa McDermott.

Hinkley said students seem to be using the space more than the former office. She also noted that students seem to feel comfortable there and are making it their own.

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The space is open to any student wanting to get more involved on campus, Hinkley said.

It is an aid office for clubs and Greek organizations, especially those wanting to develop a new organization, better an organization for its members, or find fundraising information or payment and purchase help.

Hinkley said they are in the process of bringing in student staff members to supply services and resources on weeknights. Normally they are open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. but she said they hope to extend the hours to 7:30 p.m. to meet the needs of more students.

“I hope students come in and continue to use the space,” Hinkley said.