Student Spotlight: Selene Stoll

Selene Stoll is a student with a bright future in the close-knit UAA art community.

Stoll has recently achieved an associates degree in arts. She is now pursuing a fine arts major and a minor in anthropology.  Stoll aspires to be a professional animator in Canada but plans to return to Alaska and start a digital art studio later in life.

“I’m a media hog,” Stoll said. “The 1990s animation Gargoyles are a big inspiration to me: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, all of those sorts of animations.”

Stoll deeply respects her fellow students and professors in the art program. Stoll describes the art program as a “flexible,” “dynamic” and “close-knit community.” She hopes for other students in the program to be recognized in the future, as well as the professors.

“The teachers here are phenomenal, every single one of them,” Stoll said. “[There are] a lot of really good artists here who work from dawn until dusk. [They] would take the world by storm.”

Professor Mariano Gonzales has taught Stoll in four classes. Gonzales noted substantial improvement in Stoll’s digital art conceptual and technical skills since his first encounter with her in ART A257 Computer Art. Gonzales observed that the expression of art is always evolving with time and new technologies.

“I believe that every generation has the privilege of reinventing the wheel,” Gonzales said. “Stoll is a computer artist. There’s a concept that’s still around, even now, [which is] this idea of computer art. There is no computer art. Computers do not do art. Humans do art through different mediums.”

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Stoll is president of the Animation Club. Treasurer of the Animation Club and Public Relations Director of USUAA, Tammalivis Salanoa, met Stoll in her introductory art classes in their freshman year. Salanoa emphasized how throughout their friendship, she had witnessed Stoll show compassion and humility to her peers within the UAA community.

“As artists in general, it’s hard for us to take compliments,” Salanoa said. “[Stoll] loves to empower other people.”

Stoll’s compassion is not limited to the UAA community. She dedicated her piece “God Pigeon” to a wounded pigeon she saved from the middle of the road.

"God Pigeon" by Selene Stoll.
“God Pigeon” by Selene Stoll.

“I was going for an art nouveau type of look with the central form, lots of gold, the naturalist pieces of the stick, while also maintaining the colors and hues of the pigeon,” Stoll said.

Stoll is a therapeutic foster parent for teenagers who require specialized care. As she was also adopted herself, Stoll has a special connection with her foster children and often makes animations with a particular “kiddo” in mind.

Aside from pigeons, teenagers and students, Stoll has opened her home to two guppies, two cats and three dogs with plans to get a fourth.

Stoll also has a weekly comic series and regularly contributing patrons to her Patreon kjk-comics. Stoll’s art can be found on her YouTube channel KJK Comics. She has done many commissions in the past and can be contacted at [email protected] for additional commission inquiries.