Student recommendations for Netflix

It can seem like there is not much to do these days. Social events are limited and the weather has turned cool and rainy as summer gives way to fall. Students are also stuck at home with all classes online. A good way to take a break when the weather is gray and cold outside is to curl up on the couch, make a tasty beverage and watch some television.

Here are some UAA students’ Netflix recommendations:

Rachel Gould studies nursing science at UAA and is also a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. She stays on track with studies by using a planner called BeFocused. She says that watching television can also be a form of self-care.

“My self-care is allowing myself an hour of Netflix before bed. I’m a huge fan of The Office. It’s my favorite! I’ve also gotten my fiancé to re-watch Greys Anatomy with me,” Gould said.

The Office, on Netflix, is a comedy set in corporate America at Dunder Mifflin, a paper sales company. It may sound less than exciting but the characters and scenarios provided are full of  dry humor and scenarios.  The cringe-inducing moments and awkward jokes are exactly what the show is trying to achieve. The show features actors John Krasinski, Steve Carrell and Rain Wilson. More shows like The Office include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is available for free on N.B.C. and as part of a paid subscription on Hulu, My Name is Earl on Hulu and Scrubs, which is also on Hulu/.

Grey’s Anatomy can be found on Netflix and features a fictional doctor, Meredith Grey, as she navigates her personal and professional journey at a busy Seattle Hospital. Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Katherine Heigl experience the challenges of working as new doctors, while also juggling complicated personal lives in this medical drama full of emotion. The show makes the characters vulnerable, strong and easily identifiable with its audiences. Other shows with a similar tones are Private Practice on Netflix, E.R, available on Hulu and House, with free episodes on N.B.C.

Jennifer Lincoln is a journalism and public communications major at UAA. She recommends Schitt’s Creek, which is a Canadian television show on Netflix. Super wealthy Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara get busted by the government for illegal financial practices. Their only option is to move to a small town called ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ which Levy purchased as a ‘joke’ for his son years prior. What ensues is relentless dry one-liners and hilarity. Lincoln says that she thoroughly enjoys the show. Shows similar to Schitt’s Creek include Dead to Me, Arrested Development and Grace and Frankie, which are all on Netflix as well.

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“It’s well written, inclusive and hilarious. Every episode is great. I’ve probably seen each episode a dozen times,” Lincoln said.

Lillie Younkins is a biology major at UAA. She recommends a classic show, Monty Python on Netflix and YouTube. This show features a British comedy troupe that first aired in 1969 on the BBC. The show has several series such as Monty Python and The Flying Circus and Monty Python and The Holy Grail. The show features slapstick comedy and British wit so dry it leaves one thirsty for more. Others to watch if you like Monty Python are The I.T. Crowd on Netflix, Absolutely Fabulous and TaskMaster, which are both on Hulu but have free episodes on YouTube

Michaeline is an arts major at UAA and the Graphic Designer for The Northern Light. She recommends The Good Place, starring Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson. This fantasy comedy has Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Bell, dying in an ironic but comical manner and ending up in a heaven-like utopia that may not be what it seems. The show has an ensemble that features unique characters that are hilarious in their own way and social commentary woven into clever scenes. More shows like The Good Place are Community, Parks and Rec and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which are all available on Netflix.

For previews of recommended episodes, click the highlighted titles of shows in this article. Student discounts for subscription television can be found on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Apple T.V. Netflix does not have a student discount at this time but offers a one-month free trial.