Spring students still required to complete Title IX Haven Training

The University of Alaska is continuing to require students to complete the mandatory Title IX: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination Prevention training. This includes students who are new during this spring semester as well as those who did not complete it last fall.

Ben Morton, UAA’s dean of students, says that there were approximately 1,632 students at the beginning of the semester that had not done the training. This number was comprised of both groups of students. Over the last several weeks, he has sent out emails and reminders to those students.

“Two emails and a paper letter have gone out. I have a plan to do at least two more emails before the [account] hold gets put on and then one email after the hold is put on,” Morton said.

The letters also include instructions for those who would like to opt out of the training if they feel like they are emotionally traumatized or unable to take the training, Morton said.

Nathan Kipchumba is a student employee with UAA’s New Student Orientation who completed his training last semester. He says that he thinks it’s important for students to complete theirs too.

“It brings awareness,” Kipchumba said. “For those people have not been… exposed to such training, I think it’s important that they are exposed so that they are aware of how to help others, like bystander training.”

The deadline for completion is Friday, March 30. On the following Monday, holds will be placed on student accounts through fall priority registration.

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“Summer registration is kind of going on in the middle of that too, so it might impact people’s ability to register for the summer,” Morton said.

In the fall, UAA had offered incentives to reward students who completed the training, such as scholarship money and an Alaska Airlines ticket. Currently, there are none for this semester.

“The more you have many people aware of the issue, that should be the easiest way to eliminate the problem,” Kipchumba said.