Spring elections for student government will open in April

The Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage, or USUAA, is the governing body of students at UAA. Every year, the organization holds elections for president, vice president, senators, delegates, Green Fee Board, Concert Board and Media Board representation.

USUAA congregate with signs in Juneau supporting UAA’s education budget in 2019. Photo courtesy of UAA webpage.

Students have the chance to vote for candidates for each position. This year, elections will be held April 7-10. Times and locations for voting are still to be determined. All students will receive an email with this information.

Students are encouraged to vote and spread the word to their peers, Tyler Teese, an election board member, said.

“The candidates, current USUAA members and the election board are encouraged to spread the word about voting to the student body. The goal for the election is to get as many votes as possible from the student body. Historically, the number of students that vote in the election is low, and we would love to see those numbers increase,” Teese said.

Students can also be a part of USUAA and see student government in action first hand. If a student wishes to join USUAA, there are a few requirements. Students need to have a GPA of 2.5, but can apply with 2.0 and be in a probationary period. If after one semester their GPA is not at least 2.5, they will be dismissed from the assembly. Students also must be enrolled in at least three credit hours, fill out a candidate packet and follow the USUAA Code of Ethics, UAA Student Code of Conduct and the Election Board Policies.

USUAA directly affects students. It decides on matters that students see every day, Teese said. He highlighted the importance of caring about student government and its role in student life.

“The USUAA officers and representatives provide the Board of Regents, chancellor and colleges insights and recommendations that can have an effect on every student at UAA. Examples include tuition, safety improvements and student worker pay increases,” Teese said.

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USUAA is a fee-based organization geared to serve the UAA student body and community. They create events and opportunities that seek to fulfill this purpose, such as the annual Thanksgiving Feast, Adopt-A-Road Cleanup, Little Black Dress Doesn’t Mean Yes, Homecoming Dance and Mabil Duir Leadership Scholarship.

Candidate spotlights and voting information will be announced closer to the time of voting, which is April 7-10. For more information about USUAA and its elections, visit their UAA web page. USUAA also has a Facebook page, where voting event information will become available closer to time of voting.