Spaten’s Munchen Dunkel on the full side

A new beer on the scene from venerated brewery Spaten-Franziskaner-Brau, “Spaten Munchen Dunkel” fulfills all the basic requirements needed for it to be categorized under its namesake style. A deep amber to brown color, a malty aromSpaten Munchen Dunkela followed by a somewhat sour, full, mellow flavor, tied up in a light to medium body is a fair description of my initial impressions of this far-reachingGerman native. Maltiness, in fact, is an attribute that presides in Spaten’s Dunkel all the way through. The sourness serves as a complement to this attribute, and the whole comes together as a serviceable fall beer. It offers a quaff a little on the full side, but is still a far cry from those really heavy beers we’ll be looking for in the winter and holiday months. My snapshot description of this beer might be: a darker version of the Oktoberfest strain, and a good candidate for throwing that contemplative twist on the changing of the leaves.