‘Snow’ many adventures with Explore More

UAA Student Activities and Commuter Programs started a new activity series that gets students outside and familiar with adventures that may be new to them or intimidating to try alone.

Explore More is a new activity series by UAA Student Activities and Commuter Programs that gets students outside and familiar with adventures that may be new to them or intimidating to try alone. Photo credit: Student Activities and Commuter Programs

“Explore More” is the title of the newest series, started by event planners through Student Activities. Student event planner, Courtney Schuman is an outdoor enthusiast and wanted to bring the joy of the great outdoors to UAA.

“The main reason we wanted to start Explore More was because, even though we’re a university in Alaska with tons of opportunity around us, most of our activities were inside,” Schuman said.

Explore More will have a total of four outings this semester, and if all is successful, Schuman hopes it will be a series that continues into other semesters with different adventures.

“[I look forward to] getting out and doing things with friends, and potentially making some new friends,” Caeleigh Prickette, sophomore, said.

On Feb. 3, Explore More held their first event where they went snowshoeing. The rest of the events will be downhill skiing, sledding and rock climbing.

Downhill skiing will be taught by Jamie Haines at Kincaid Park on Feb. 10. The cost is $7 and registration is required on UAATix.com. Information about weight, height and shoe size is needed prior to Feb. 9. Transportation provided is required for skiing and will be meeting at the UAA Bookstore to leave at noon. There is a cap of 30 spots.

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Sledding, a “bring your own sled” event, will be on Feb. 17 from 12 to 4 p.m. Two tickets to BANFF Film Festival will be rewarded to the individual who brings or makes the most creative sled. The event is free and will be held at Service High School. Transportation to the site is optional.

“We want to also focus on the students who haven’t had the opportunity to do this before,” Schuman said. “If any of the [other events] sound too intimidating, sledding can be the fun community builder.”

Rock climbing is on April 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and is the only indoor activity in the series due to the uncertainty of weather. The cost to go rock climbing at the Alaska Rock Gym with Explore More is $10, including transportation and gear students may need. Climbers must be belayed certified to be on the top-rope walls, but bouldering is open to all. There is a cap of 30 spots. Transportation is not provided.

Seth Venhaus, event planner and co-lead on the series is looking forward to getting outside with other students.

“We’re just trying to get people outdoors,” Venhaus said. “Courtney [Schuman] and I just wanted people to explore more and just to bring students together. That’s a big part in our department: get students socializing.”

Reserve a spot at UAATix.com, prior to the day of the activity.