Sierra Nevada’s anniversary ale nothing to celebrate

Sierra Nevada’s “Anniversary Ale” is a celebratory brew produced each year to commemorate the brewery’s inception (29 years and counting).

The brew style for “Anniversary Ale” is different every year and this year Sierra Nevada decided to go with a version of an IPA, an American IPA to be precise. Well, Sierra Nevada is a brewery I respect, in majority for their well-renowned, year round pale ale, but I must say that this “Anniversary” offering did not impress me overmuch.

It had a strong start: a deep golden pour with a medium haze and a noticeably hoppy aroma, all which immediately brought to my mind premonitions of a solid pale ale.

But my premonition reflex was sadly disappointed.

The forewarning hoppy aroma was certainly backed up, but that is all the ale really had to offer. There was no hint of the tang I expect of a pale ale, and no trace of the “bright citrus flavors” boasted of on the ale’s bottle.

I do not want to take away from Sierra Nevada’s celebration, but I did not have a sensational time at the party.

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