Sex and the Seawolf: When is it alright to date your best friend’s ex?

When is it alright to date your best friend’s ex? Or, when is it alright to date the ex of any of your friends? The whole situation is debatable. It can all become a wave of confusion. I can’t say with certainty whether dating your particular best friend’s ex is right or wrong, but I can mention what you should expect in this situation.

When people start thinking about dating one another, it’s a choice. They don’t “accidentally” decide to date just because they both are connected to a mutual person. Some like to think most people have good personage and always give them the benefit of the doubt. For these kinds of people, dating to spite others won’t be a topic of conversation. Some just believe that if others feel something for one another, the couple should explore these emotions without fear of hurting the “third wheel.”

As time goes on and the couple becomes exes, this change does not mean the subject isn’t sensitive anymore. If you push past this insensitive and pursue a relationship with your friend’s ex, if your friend finds out, a can of awkward would soon explode. You will have to prepare yourself for that moment.

Then you have to decide what to do next. Do you talk to your friend? Do you slide by silently? Conflicts can sneak into your head and muddle your head with questions: How are we all going to see each other after this? What will their reaction be? Am I going to go deeper into this?

Many people go through after being troubled by this is the beginning of secrecy. You’ll do anything to hide the fact that you have been spending time with your friend’s ex just to not hurt them. The wise decision is to talk to your friend earlier on before anything gets serious. Ask him or her what they think about the situation by mentioning you two might be interested in one another. It may come as a surprise, but it’s more helpful to mention it earlier on so he or she may grow accustomed to the awkward situation.

Sometimes most of the advice we hear seems very simple, but in our minds we contort it into such difficulty that we can’t act on it. If you do decide to date your best friend’s ex, just be cautious. Don’t let it stop you, however. In the earlier stages, have fun and don’t take it too seriously. It’ll play out the way it should. Just be prepared to talk to your friend, too.