Sex and the Seawolf: To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Illustration by Vicente Capala

Pubic hair — we all have it, unless of course you have a genetic abnormality and are a human naked mole rat. Many people ask the question, “How much is too much?” when shaving the dreaded pubic region.

In American society, removing excess amounts of hair has been popularized in films like “40 Year Old Virgin,” where one of the characters gets a chest wax, and “American Pie,” where one of the characters shaves his pubic hair and comically ends up in desert. I am here to help you figure out the pros and cons of shaving your pubic hair, no matter your gender.

Sexually, most people prefer their partners to be clean, which often means being fully shaven and smooth to the skin. Think about it: When you reach down there do you really want to brush your hand or cheek on a stubbly forest of human hair? Many people don’t. Avoiding this is the main advantage of shaving for people. Sexual interaction and other forms of intimacy remain undisrupted when there isn’t an animal attached to your pelvis.

The disadvantage to shaving, however, isn’t about intimacy or partner preferences; it is about health.

The hair on each part of the human body serves a purpose. We generally have hair to keep ourselves warm in cold weather, and it traps cool air when hot. But one of the specific functions for pubic hair is to keep dirt and bacteria away from our genitals. This parallels the function of eyelashes, which keeps dust and other objects out of our eyes.

Shaving pubic hair increases the chances of bacteria getting into your you-know-whats and who-knows-where. Rest assured, the chances of getting an infection is slim if good hygiene is maintained.

If you decide you want to take the plunge and shave, “What should I buy to remove my pubic hair?” and “How should I go about doing so?” are common questions to ask.

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Try to purchase a razor that is reliable and guarantees a smooth finish. When you begin your venture into taming the forest, make sure you machete everything before taking the whole army — trim before you shave. This makes all the difference.

Product is of utmost importance in the art of shaving. You do not want to settle for something cheap, since the pubic area is very sensitive. Women should be careful not to shave when it’s that time of the month, as the skin on the pubic mound becomes more sensitive during menstruation.

After prepping, apply your shaving cream generously on the exterior, grab your razor and you are good to go.

Waxing is another way of removing pubic hair. It is always best to have a professional perform this task, unless you are uncomfortable with another traveler in your forest or you have waxing experience already. Waxing keeps hair growth away for a longer period of time, which is usually why appointments are so expensive.

So, we’ve covered a few of the advantages and disadvantages of pubic hair removal as well as some ways it can be removed. Just make sure you keep it clean even after shaving it clean.