Sex and the Seawolf: Sex toys and where to get them

When you hear the term “sex toys,” what do you imagine? Most people envision a fake penis when thinking about sex toys. Fake penises do assist those lost without a hardened appendage to ease into their pleasures, but despite the utility of these toys, some are embarrassed to admit they’ve had the pleasure of using them.

Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone has come in contact with or imagined using sex toys at some point in their life.

And I don’t only mean penises, either. There are various kinds of sex toys for the pleasures of both men and women.

So, how one can find sex toys in town?

Castle Megastore, an Anchorage shop specializing in sex toys, is located at 1851 E 5th Ave. This store is only for those over 18 years old, and there’s no way to sneak your way in — the staff checks IDs upon entry. But once you’ve proved your age, you enjoy the pleasure and fun of browsing through the store.

On one side of the store, there are displays of artificial genitalia products — fake penises, or dildos, and fake vaginas. Fake vaginas are often called fleshlights, or as I like to call them, “vagildos.”

(On a side note, I would also like to start the popularization of the word “vagildo.”)

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Admittedly, it is rather awkward browsing around for who-knows-what the first time. You may not even know what you’re looking for in the first place.

Just set aside your fear of being judged and act as if you have been there several times before. That’s what I tried to do my first time. But I would still feel a sensation of shock and discomfort every time I touched a display item.

Touching these toys may sidetrack you from your original mission, whatever it may be. It could also help one get an image for how other genitals could feel like. This is helpful if you had never reached second base with someone before, or if you are a curious gay on the fence.

There are many kinds of artificial genitalia. There are dildos that vibrate. There are vibrators that provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, mimicking two-finger pleasure. There are vagildos shaped like mouths to simulate the experience of oral sex. There are some that vibrate from within to simulate grinding. Some even light up, just for uniqueness.

There are other, non-genital varieties of sex toys, too, the biggest of them probably being stripper poles.

Yes. Castle also sells stripper poles.

These range in price between $200 and a little over $500. It could very well be the perfect present for any of your wild friends.

Now is your choice to explore and browse. Make sure to act casual, try not to knock any vagildos off the shelf and by all means, always bring your ID.