Sex and the Seawolf: Romantic preferences

Are you confused about what kinds of people you may be into? Rest assured, you are not alone. Trying to figure out who may turn you on or get you sprung may be difficult to understand sometimes. I have a fair understanding of what is interesting to me in a person, but I always find out new things that I may grow an interest in.

Let’s start off first with appearance. Even though we like to say that people are not judgmental of appearance, many people have some sort of preference in the “look” they seek. Some people say that the “look” is based on everyone’s primal nature of wanting to have babies that survive through trials, whatever they may be.

My personal preference is bright-eyed white males. Yes, I am gay, but I’m not ruling out women as attractive. I am simply geared toward cultivating emotional and physical attraction towards men.

And I don’t believe I’m prejudiced; I am just pulled more towards light-skinned and bright-eyed people. I found out my attraction through simple testing of physical types. I myself am of Filipino and Spanish descent, but I do not gear myself toward other Asians. My mind just automatically associates everyone that looks like me with a family member — that’s just how my mind works.

There are many people that are very much attracted to their same ethnicity and that is totally fine. Physical attraction should be based on what you see as beautiful. Sometimes our views can be skewed through social media and entertainment.

Hot bods and tight abs are usually viewed as attractive in the media, but to be able to actually judge what you are attracted to needs for you to step away from the TV and look into reality.

Nobody looks perfect. Rating physical attraction is simpler than you think. You can do it by yourself as you stare at other people passing you by, but be careful not to look like a stalker.

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The second attraction factor takes some interaction with an individual, or if you are dating various people: individuals. Whether you are into book-smart, street-smart, artsy, outgoing, introverted, or downright gangster, you still need to get to know a person to figure out if they are “the one.” Sometimes people tend to like combinations of certain personality types, which can get a little complicated.

I’m into people who are smart, artsy, easygoing and silly yet mature. And the complexities go further from there. Over time I’ve come to call myself picky, but I wouldn’t say everyone’s like that. If you can sit through a conversation with someone and not realize that time has passed, then they are someone you should go on a second date with.

Now, if you are still confused on whether you can feel something for a Latino boy with a high IQ or an Australian girl with a great attitude, don’t worry — preferences build over time. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they even had a preference and just fall in love with someone without being able to explain it. That is something to be respected.

However, one thing to remember is the age-old message, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Never reject someone immediately because they don’t fit perfectly with your preferences. Just go out there and explore … safely. You’ll be surprised what you find!