Sex and the Seawolf: Pheromones, the lowdown

Photo by Vicente Capala
Photo by Vicente Capala

Have you ever imagined the ease of attracting someone’s attention by just walking nearby? Well, you can! This is possible by wearing a substance called pheromones.

You may have heard the term “pheromones” from science or biology class. Certain animals release natural pheromones to let others know they are ready to mate — in other words, it’s the bestial version of the human, “I’m available!”

There are different types of pheromones ranging from territorial to warning signals. But this article will cover pheromones attributed to sexual responses.

People often wear sensual fragrances to hide foul body odor, either to attract an individual or to avoid scaring others off in general. Special pheromone colognes and perfumes exist alongside

Popular brands of pheromone scents include “Pherlure,” “Pherx” and “Arouse-Rx.” These tiny bottles of strengthened sexual scents are so strong that I was instantly was taken back when I caught a whiff of some a friend mine purchased. The aroma is strong enough to make you wonder what the mysterious smell is, but it is subtle enough to be unrecognizable as sweet perfume or musky cologne.

One of my interviewees skeptical- ly tried a bottle this winter break and recounted her story:

It was a New Year’s Eve party, and I found out the boy I was crushing on was coming in less then five minutes. I ran to my purse and dabbed the solution to my wrists, neck and collarbone. The boy arrived and I had to walk past him a couple times to finally get a response from him. I tried to not initiate a conversation with him to see if the smell worked — and what do you know, it did. On the couch, he ended up lying on me at the end of the night acting like a puppy — a puppy!

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The story is a bit paraphrased, but rest assured the only things I edited out were sections with too much information.

As mentioned, the collarbone, neck and wrists are good places to apply pheromone scents. This is because those areas are the most exposed parts of the body. Some people also like to spray pheromones into their hair for extra coverage.

However, be sure to use only a small amount of these powerful aph- rodisiacs. A little goes a long way. Who knows what could happen when you douse your entire body with them. A mob of sexually aroused people could follow you everywhere, and that’s not something most people invite with open arms.