Sex and the Seawolf: Master the art of massages

It’s been a long day. You’re tense and just worn out. It is likely that your muscles need a relaxing massage — but just not any massage, of course. Think about it. You could go to just about any spa and get a regular massage.

But when the massage comes from that special someone, the possibilities could be endless. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of this act, all of these tips can be useful for a wonderful experience.

Every good massage involves some kind of lubricant. There are a variety of lotions, creams, gels and oils that can be used. For a romantic massage, choose oil. Even then, there are nearly endless options in the oil family. If uncertain about what oils smell and feel the best, visit a local body essentials shop, such as The Body Shop. The employees can help you find the perfect oil to your liking.

When the oil is chosen, it’s time to focus on the massage room setting. Not everyone has a massage table sitting around, but there are simple alternatives. The perfect surface for a massage is one that is firm and stable. You can use the floor and line it with pillows, or you can use a bed with rose petals.

When working on the setting, think of all the senses you can satisfy. The sense of touch is addressed by the oil and massage. But what about scent?

Incense can fill a room with luxurious aromas. Be careful with these little burning sticks, though. Using too much or the wrong kind can smoke out an entire room.

Music choice is also important. Find something serene and slow. The massage should follow the mood of the music. You can choose between melodies that continue for long periods of time or even sounds from nature, like a beach or forest.

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Now that the setting has been placed, it’s time to start the massage. Anyone can give a really good massage with enough practice. Communication is key. Tense areas are different for many people, but once you find it, the receiving end will probably thank you in creative ways. When communicating, try to whisper in your partner’s ear to heighten the romantic feeling.

Don’t rush the massage. Focus on specific areas. The more attention you pay to your partner’s body, the more luxurious the effect will be.

If you are in the receiving end of this journey, be sure to thank your partner in gracious ways.