Sex and the Seawolf: Lasting longer

Unequal stamina is an issue for some people during sex. This problem typically revolves around males in heterosexual relationships. The female orgasm is more difficult to trigger the average male’s, so many females tend to last far longer than their male partners, and it can seem like partners experience unequal amounts of pleasure.

This poses a problem for females who are trying to reach orgasm before or at the same time as their partner. Once a male reaches ejaculation, the penis becomes tender and rendered immobile for a relatively long refractory period — so if the male orgasms first, it’s difficult for him to reciprocally see his partner through to orgasm.

So how can a male gain extra minutes during sex?

The solutions are simple. Put your partner’s needs first, practice controlling your increased arousal and wear specialized condoms.

When putting your partner’s needs first, always ask yourself, “Will this benefit us both?” If the answer is yes, find a way to pleasure your partner without getting yourself ahead of the race. A male’s goal should be to bring her to the most sensual and gratifying state of mind.

Taking things slow during sex is a reliable route to achieve this state of mind. Foreplay is the most valuable weapon out there to gain time for males and speed time for females. Whisper sensual words. Tease your partner’s body. Sexual arousal is partly a psychological creation, so always remember to keep the female ahead in the race — because if only one person crosses the finish line, nobody wins.

While keeping her needs ahead of yours, you may find yourself wanting to dive into more passionate displays of penetration. The force must be used with the utmost control — for if not maintained, the force could just splatter all over the both of you.

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One easy way to keep yourself in check is to focus on calm breathing as you plow forward. Do not maintain the same position for too long. Changing positions between you and your partner can also alleviate impending ejaculation. Going back to foreplay is always an option, too.

Another good option to increase stamina is wearing a desensitizing condom. These condoms are lubricated with enough numbing agents to allow the male appendage to become less affected by friction during intercourse The only problem with this option however is that you must find a happy medium to sustain an erection. Since the penis is numbed, male arousal becomes focused on the passion of the sex. Don’t worry though — the agents do not take away all of your senses.

Now that you know a couple of tricks to last longer in bed, try timing yourself. You may even find yourself rolling from one night to the next afternoon.

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