Sex and the Seawolf: Holiday Kiss

Illustration by Nick Foote

The holiday season calls for family gatherings, presents, playing in the snow and free time to do anything you want. For many young people, winter vacation is like the spring break of holidays. There’s always a big party celebrating December birthdays. Food and champagne get thrown around everywhere. The dating and hookup scenes become more lively during the break.

For those of you that are dying to have a winter love (akin to a shorter-lived summer love), here are a couple tips.

Start off by making sure you know when the upcoming events are. This could include parties, holiday gatherings, skiing or snowboarding events. You could even check out caroling shows. All of these events create opportunities to meet a few new people. If you already have someone in mind, then you’ve already cleared phase one.

Phase two: After acquiring said hookup or future lover’s digits, text them. Get them a bit more interested in you, but of course play hard to get. These are all steps you should already know for the dating scene. What’s different in this scenario is the timing. You might ask to meet up to go Christmas shopping. You could even throw your own Christmas party if you’re up to planning all that out.

Now, if you are a mistletoe virgin, like myself, and are wanting to finally have that fairytale kiss during the break, here are a couple cheesy ideas that could get you to be a little more creative. If you are throwing a party, try to hide a couple mistletoes under doorways that only you can spot. This allows for two things. First, if it’s the wrong person with you under the mistletoe, you don’t have to mention much, and you can run away before they catch you under it with them. Second, if it’s the right person, well you know how that goes.

Also, if you are having no luck with the one guy or girl you are trying to kiss, try to open up to other options. You never know who might be the one. If this option doesn’t work out and you aren’t afraid to be silly, they sell hats with mistletoes tied to the front. Keep cautious, however. If you are a person who hates to disappoint people, the power of the mistletoe will render you impossible to escape the kiss.

Let’s say you’ve missed your chances with the mistletoe over Christmas and other holidays. You still have New Year’s Eve. I personally feel like this one is more special. Just imagine: fireworks just flying everywhere, cuddling to someone as the hours go toward midnight, drinks and food all around, and when the final hour commences, everyone begins to count down to the New Year.

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The thought of these things give me insight on the perfect moment. A kiss would just seal the events leading up to that point. One piece of advice is all I give for this moment. If you already have someone near you, just do it. The heat of the moment itself will give the action reason.

During the holiday break, if you’d like to share a mistletoe venture story with me please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I would be happy to read — and perhaps share — your experiences.