Sex and the Seawolf: Female pleasure points

SNSThe female orgasm can be difficult to reach for many people. There are men who have tried search out the orgasmic site of pleasure — the legendary G-spot. Some adventurers successfully bewilder, some are lied to and think they found it, and others just fail completely.

While the labia, vaginal canal, and G-spot create a complex system of nerve endings, there are other sen­sual areas along the female body one can tap into. Luck­ily, men of all lengths can reach these areas, so all can explore.

One easily forgotten erogenous zone is the neck. The neck is always an easy place to return to if all else fails. Soft kisses with a tiny bit of tongue can add a bit flair to your night.

This act doesn’t have to be the end of your fun — in fact, it is just the beginning for many. The kissing of the neck can lead to other sensually stimulating spots in the proximal area. You have a choice of moving up to the ears where light kissing can turn into whispering. In my personal experience, this can weaken the knees of any person.

The whispers do not even have to be anything verbal, it may even just be a light breath into the ears. If that was not enough for your partner, a slight tonguing at the rim of the ear may do them good. It may sound weird, but try it — it’s just that delicious of a feeling.

If you decide to head south from neck you will find yourself at the crevices of the collarbone. This area is such a delicate and beautiful spot. The same acts you do at the ear are suitable for this area as well. Though the collarbone can’t hear, breathing against it can send a shiver up your partner’s spine and the air chills the traces of saliva left from your lips.

If you decide to go further south, you’ll find yourself in the realm of the breasts. Touching the breasts is a sen­sual experience and is often the first thing done in fore­play. Besides cupping the circumference of the breast, pay close attention to the nipples.

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The nipples hold a vast amount of nerve endings that can be stimulated through kissing or even suckling. If you want to efficiently stimulate the nipple, focus on using your tongue or fingers and move them in a flick­ing motion.

Be careful though. The nerve endings may be more sensitive in some individuals, and sometimes a loving touch can escalate to a sharp pain. Smaller nipples don’t indicate low sensitivity. The areola, the darker ring sur­rounding the protruding nipple, actually has just as many nerve endings, and the sensitivity of each person cannot be determined by their anatomy.

Going even further down, you’ll reach the clitoris. The clitoris is the flap like looking entrance into the vag­inal canal. This area can be stimulated with the mouth and fingers. Be sure to vary the rhythm, intensity, and means of stimulation, or else the pleasure will die down into boredom. If you decide to use your tongue, slow­ly punch upward on the clitoris, then work up to when you can “dig in” with faster movements. If she trembles, moans, bites her tongue or pushes your head down even further, then you are doing it correctly.

Aside from manual and oral stimulation, the clitoris can even be stimulated during performing intercourse. Female genitalia can be stimulated both internally and externally — either one at a time or simultaneously — so keep that in mind during penetration.

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