Sex and the Seawolf: Dating someone in the same profession

Illustration by Vicente Capala
Illustration by Vicente Capala

In our journey to find that certain soul mate, we sometimes encounter people who are right under the nose. By under the nose, I mean someone whose profession or workplace is the same as yours. We tend to not realize their availability because we like to draw ourselves to things that seem fresh and different.

I have come to realize that many people try to stay away from dating people in the same profession. I say that this should not be the case.

In Anchorage, I am surrounded by the art world, which includes the photography, dance and theater communities. In each of these communities there are many talented artists who have grown into their talents at varying paces.

A troubling factor in dating someone in the same profession is that you may find yourselves in arguments about the technique of a practice you both share. I encounter this situation with a lot of my photography friends. I feel like the only one to blame in this issue is one’s self.

Argument about technique is no different than arguing over which bed frame to purchase when moving in. Everyone has a different approach to certain things, and professional hobbies are no different. It might be a good lesson to share a new perspective.

Despite this, sharing a love for your craft with another person is a beautiful thing. Instead of working away from your partner, you can make money together and continuously bond with one another. Sharing a workspace can open new doors for adventurous “playtime” areas.

However, be warned: It is called a profession for a reason. This not only applies to stripping, but also means you must retain appropriate conduct when working.

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Dating someone in the same field also creates a stronger workforce. You are able to not only work with someone who knows just as much as you, but you can also handle problems efficiently while exploring new techniques and ideas.

On the flip side, if effort isn’t taken by both people in the relationship to keep things fresh — both at work and together — things can become monotonous. Though a special connection is shared through mutual craft, interest in the other person can drop because of it. In a perfect world, it would be beautiful to see two people romantically engaged while harmoniously working together in the same career field.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore your desires and date outside of the status quo. No one should write off a possible future partner solely because they are in the same profession.

Personally, I have a couple of journeys to go on myself. I can honestly say I might be hypocritical on the standings of my own advice. I still cannot see who I may end up with in the future yet. I am unsure whether or not I want a partner who is there to support me in my endeavors or one who is able to help me progress by sharing their own knowledge. But who says we can’t do both?