Sex and the Seawolf: Dating after college

So you’ve decided you want to cut ties with everyone in Anchorage when you move out of state for post-graduate adventures. Or maybe you just haven’t had luck in the last four years or so and can’t figure out what to do next with your love life. For those who are afraid of becoming a cat lady (or cat lord), never fear: The end of college does not mean the end of being able to meet new people.

Fresh college graduates seeking relationships are hit with a harsh reality in the real world. Dating options are no longer supported by the college social life. Face it, the game will be harder, but it’s not impossible to play.

In college, you were guaranteed an environment which practically dropped new friends and a booming social life into the palm of your hand. You could meet people around your age with similar interests, all without ever having to leave campus.

When you take your steps away from college, your ties to these events and opportunities might go away, but be sure to keep your actual ties with the friends you’ve made in the last 4-plus years — regardless of whether you think any of them could be “the one.”

Once the opportune party calls and the study sessions disappear, it’s time to grab life by the horns and direct it in a way that best suits you. If you move out to another city, search out social events. Plant yourself in the culture of this new city. You may find yourself at a local theater, becoming a regular at a coffee shop or taking walks at a park every Sunday.

Whatever it is, it will work its magic for you. You just have to be patient and take action. Never be stagnant.

Also consider joining an interest group. Interest groups are casual local clubs for specific hobbies and activities. Start with making a few friends at the new job you have, saying hello to the other regulars at the coffee shop or smiling at the other person you see at the park every Sunday. Once these new connections have been made, it won’t be long until you find yourself being invited to social gatherings. And once you find yourself in these social gatherings, flirtation will just be a moment away.

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Don’t dumb yourself down to seem more appealing in your new environment. Instead, commit yourself to keep meeting new people. Go to local events. Visit the bar and have a drink or two. You might meet someone worth spending a lifetime with or reignite an old flame.