Seawolves tie the No.2-ranked Golden Gophers

Freshman foward Blake Tatchell faces off against the golden gophers at Saturday night's game against the University of Minnesota. (Photos by J. Almendarez)

One does not often hear a herd of battle-prepared gophers howling at a pack of wild Seawolves, but the No. 2 ranked Golden Gophers from the University of Minnesota had every reason to whine Nov. 10 when the scoreboard read 2-2 at the end of the third period.

Despite outshooting the previously unranked Seawolves 33-23, the Golden Gophers (6-2-1) flew home last weekend with a tie.

“It’s sweet and sour,” said junior goalie Rob Gunderson. “It was good, but it’s kind of bitter because we wanted the win.”

Gunderson had 31 saves in the game, in front of the 2,911 fans at Sullivan Arena.

Following Minnesota’s first win against the Seawolves Friday night, both teams shredded the ice as viciously as they could to begin the second half of this double header. At 2:11 into the first period, sophomore forward Seth Ambroz scored the first Golden Gopher goal.

As the game’s tempo slowed, the Seawolves’ senior forward Jordan Kwas bound the game 1-1 at 12:21.

With only :27 in the first period sophomore forward Travis Boyd received a pass and launched a powerful slap shot that just missed just too high.

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While both teams scrambled frantically for the puck, no more goals were scored in remainder of the first period.

While no goals were tallied in the second period, 18 shots were attempted between both teams.

In the first 40 seconds of the third period, the Gophers took possession of the puck and attempted four ferocious slap shots. All were saved by Gunderson.

“I think they were desperate to get some shots,” Seawolves player Alex Gellert said regarding the Gophers’ accelerated pace during the beginning of the third period.

Freshman defender Leask tries to get the puck out of Seawolf territory during Saturday night's game against the University of Minnesota.

5:38 into the third period, Alex Gellert scored the Seawolves’ second and final goal, establishing the first Seawolves lead of the weekend’s double header.

At 13:31, the Gophers’ junior forward Erik Haula scored their last goal of the game tying 2-2.

After failed efforts from both teams to score in the final minutes of the third period, the game went into a generally uneventful overtime, leaving the game tied at 2-2.

The Seawolves take on Bemidji State Beavers, Nov. 23 and 24 at Bemidji, Minnesota.