Seawolves stay busy on the basketball court

Both the UAA men’s and women’s basketball teams have stayed busy over the past week playing against out-of-state rivals. Nearing the conference championships for both teams, the players are focused on improving their records as much as possible.

Brennan Ryme takes a shot against Northwest Nazarene University on Feb. 16.
Brennan Ryme takes a shot against Northwest Nazarene University on Feb. 16. Photo courtesy of Jacob Thompson.

Currently, the men’s team is ranked No. 5 in the conference with a 7-8 conference record and a 12-11 overall record. The women’s team is tied for No. 1 with Northwest Nazarene. Both teams have a 14-1 conference record and a 22-1 overall record. However, while UAA currently has a 15-game win streak, while NNU only has a 5-game win streak.

The women were able to extend their win streak over the weekend. They won both home games against No. 6 Concordia and No. 9 Western Oregon.

Their first game was a significant 24-point win.

Although the total points were highly distributed throughout the players, guard Sydni Stallworth made the highest contribution between both teams. She was able to score 21 points during her 23 minutes of playing time.

Forward Hannah Wandersee also accumulated her fair share, managing 14 points. Behind her, Safiyyah Yasin scored nine, and Yazmeen Goo scored seven. Four more players were able to score a handful of points; only two players were unable to score during the game.

The team experienced similar success two days later in their game against Western Oregon. This time, however, they won by a much larger 45-point difference.

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Every single player was able to score during this game and five players scored over 10 points. Guard Kian McNair scored the team-high during the game, accumulating 19 points. Stallworth scored 16 points, Wandersee scored 15, Goo scored 13 and Tara Thompson scored 12.

In contrast, the men’s two games were far from the blowout wins of the women. Their first game against No. 2 Northwest Nazarene was lost in a 10-point deficit. Several days later, they beat No. 9  Central Washington by seven points.

The Seawolves were able to have all but two players contribute to the total points on their Feb. 14 game. Lead by Tyler Brimhall with 19 points, three other players scored in the teens, and an additional four scored in the single digits.

Their strength was in their free throws, with a 78.9 percent average for the game. They also averaged 50 percent in 3-pointers and 46.3 percent in field goals.

In contrast, their competition averaged 60.7 percent in free throws, 37.5 percent in 3-pointers and 53.3 percent in field goals.

However, the Seawolves’ impressive stats were not enough to win the game. They scored 35 points in the first half and 42 in the second, but NNU scored 47 and 40, respectively.

UAA attempted to redeem themselves on Feb. 16 and did so by just 7 points. Not only did the majority of the team score points, but Brennan Rymer led the team with the game-high 30 points.

Brimhall trailed behind with a total of 21 points, followed by Brian Pearson with 15, and both Jack Macdonald and Niko Bevens with 11 each.

The men’s basketball team will be back in action on Feb. 21 against Western Washington at the Alaska Airlines Center. The women will next travel to Seattle to compete against Seattle Pacific on Feb. 21.