Seawolf Pack: Elizabeth Arnold

Seawolf Pack is a feature which spotlights members of the student body, faculty, and staff of UAA and examines what is they consider essential for their day to day activities.

Elizabeth Arnold’s list of accolades are enough to peak anyone’s interest. Having been an NPR correspondent since 1991, she’s covered a wide array of subject matter ranging from U.S. presidential elections to the wildlife of our very own state of Alaska. She’s won a numerous amount of awards including the Joan Shorenstein Barone Award in 1994 and the Dirksen Award in 1997 and continues to contribute radio stories today while also managing to teach classes at UAA as a professor for the Journalism and Public Communications program. I asked her to empty the contents of her everyday bag and this is what we found.

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These are just a few must have items for NPR correspondent and UAA Professor Elizabeth Arnold. Photo credit: Young Kim

Apple Macbook with a charger – workhorse for mobile editing

Apple iPhone – phone of choice that also acts as an audio recorder in a pinch

Keys – the attached lanyard was gifted to her by her son

Reading glasses (x3) – she’s always misplacing these and that’s why she needs three pairs

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

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AA batteries – for her audio recorder (not pictured)

Book on journalism ethics – she loves ethics

Microphone – for the interviews

Shotgun microphone – sometimes you just got to have the shotgun mic for those certain sounds

Chance the Rapper tour shirt – she loves Chance the Rapper, this shirt was given to her by a student

Planner – she prefers the handwritten method of event planning over a digital one

The Northern Light issue – student run newspaper

It’s interesting to see what the contents of a bag can tell about a person and what they are passionate about. Check out Seawolf Pack next week for another bag breakdown.