School savvy apps for new UAA students

A variety of mobile applications are available to UAA students, and can provide quick access to important information while students are mobile. The apps are free to current UAA students and can help them better manage their success in college.

The Blackboard app can help UAA students to keep track of assignments, course information and communications with their instructors. Screenshot by Jason Herr.


Stay on top of classes and assignments.

The Blackboard app is directly tied to a student’s existing Blackboard account, and allows the student to view upcoming due dates, course information and grades throughout the semester. Many UAA courses and instructors use this platform for posting and turning in assignments, taking exams and course materials. Students are also able to view and participate in any assigned discussion groups, course communications and activities posted by the course instructor. 


The UAA SAFE app allows students to access many safety measures and resources on campus. Screenshot by Jason Herr.


Keep the University Police Dispatchers at your side as you travel around campus.

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UAA SAFE turns your smartphone into a Mobile Bluelight phone so UPD Dispatchers can monitor your location if you feel unsafe. A Bluelight phone allows people on campus to contact emergency services from a set location, and this app expands on that network by using your mobile phone. Use the virtual walk feature to travel campus and dispatchers will monitor your location through the GPS on your device. If you don’t arrive at your set destination by a certain time, UPD can check-in to make sure that you are safe. The app can also share your location with friends and family as well as via SMS or email. You decide to share your location and the time frame in which your location will be monitored. When your walk has ended, your device will no longer be actively sharing your location with UPD. Other tools included in this app are a Seawolf Shuttle Map, Emergency Plans, a Safety Toolbox and Support Resources.

The Handshake app can connect UAA students with internships, networking events and career resources. Screenshot by Jason Herr.


Join [email protected] to explore career and internship opportunities.

Offered through the UAA Career Exploration and Services, the Handshake app can keep students informed on future career opportunities, internships, job fairs and other services. After completing a profile, students are able to post a resume, schedule appointments and opportunities for jobs, events and resources will be recommended and tailored to their interests. Handshake will also keep students informed of networking events and other resources that may assist in their career endeavors. Use of this app can continue after graduation for UAA alumni.

The Navigate app can used to access Seawolf Tracks. Screenshot by Jason Herr.

Seawolf Tracks (Navigate) 

Stay connected with UAA.

Through the Navigate app, students can search for UAA from the app’s database and use their UAOnline login to access Seawolf Tracks. Through Seawolf Tracks, students can access their class schedule, make appointments with advisers, connect with other students for study sessions and be notified of key dates for payments. Students are also able to set their own reminders on their calendar to combine personal appointments with academic activities. In addition, the app provides information on student services throughout UAA, such as financial services, wellness resources and student activities.

These apps are found in the app-store, and are free to download and use. Most require a UA login to access student information.