Scholarships for every department are readily available

As a student, you may wonder “is there money available to help fund my education?”  There may be, so apply for UAA Foundation scholarships through UAOnline and find out.

Do you think applying is complicated?  Think again!  The UA scholarship application process is easy – it consists of going to UAOnline, selecting Financial Aid, then Scholarships, completing five demographic questions, and a personal profile essay. You should complete this simple process as quickly as possible. Let’s say someone donates money to the university that can be applied toward scholarships immediately.  If you are in the system, you are in the pool of applicants for this scholarship.

Other links on this Scholarships page include the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other UA scholarship funding opportunities.

Tips on how to write a personal profile essay, and a list of general and subject-specific scholarships can be found at the UAA Scholarships website.

According to Sonya Fisher, Associate Director of Student Financial Assistance, “the UAOnline scholarship application will automatically consider you for the majority of scholarships (that you meet) the eligibility requirements for, but there are additional steps that you can take to increase your chances of being a UAA scholarship recipient:  Submit supplemental information for scholarships that require them on the UAA Scholarships website,” she said.  “Submitting this supplemental information can greatly increase your chances of receiving a scholarship since many students often skip this step.  Scholarship funds go un-awarded every year because students simply do not submit the extra information required.”

A few scholarships and awards have November deadlines.  One is an award of up to $750 for both undergraduate and graduate students. Sponsored by the Graduate Student Association, the application deadline for this award is Nov. 15.  The application can be found at

“This award is a definite benefit to students because they have a better chance of getting a grant than with nation-wide grants,” Becky Sawyer, GSA Coordinator, and Master’s student, said. “We really want to encourage students to do the best they can in their research; we hope this money will help them.”

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Two undergraduate research awards with a Nov. 15 deadline include the Fran Ulmer Transformative Research Award and the Undergraduate Research in the Community Awards.  Detail about these awards is available through the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS) website. Kenrick Mock, Faculty Associate of Undergraduate Research, encourages all undergraduate students to explore the possibility of a research award. In addition to learning about award opportunities on the OURS website, you can read about success stories, and mentoring opportunities.

Two Community Engagement grant opportunities with a Nov. 23 deadline are posted at  Examples of these include the Alex Hills Engineering & Civic Engagement Award, a $2500 award for working with a faculty member and a community partner on a community project, and the Second Bridge Award, offering $1000 to enable a student to propose a community-based learning experience.

The Alaska Community Foundation is another source for local scholarships. As they appropriately state on their website, “Alaskans are incredibly generous and committed to helping others succeed in life through continuing education. They’ve entrusted us with the management of their scholarship funds. In turn we help them find the best candidates and manage the selection process.”

To explore other grant sources, visit the Consortium Library.  The Consortium Library serves as a Foundation Center (FC) Cooperating Collection, and provides access to the databases Foundations for Individuals, Foundation Directory, and GrantStation.  If you can’t come to the Library, check out the Grants/Foundations Research Guide under Research Help at This guide includes Michigan State’s Grants for Individuals by Subject.

If this process sounds daunting, you can always ask for assistance. There could be funding for you!  Register through UAOnline, and check out these other sources.  It is well worth your time.

Librarians are available at 786-1848, and there is contact information on the websites listed.  To learn more about how to search the scholarship databases, e-mail Deborah Mole, at [email protected].