‘Saving Silverman’ brings lovesick puppy and manipulative shrink to big screen

 “Saving Silverman” is a well-acted, outrageous comedy where three best friends test their friendship to the end.

Darren Silverman (Jason Biggs), Wayne Le Fessier (Steve Zahn) and J.D. McNugent (Jack Black) have been best friends since the fifth grade. Nothing could come between them – or so they thought. Until she came along. The fabulous, gorgeous Judith (Amanda Peet, “The Whole Nine Yards”) enters their lives and turns Darren into a lovesick puppy on a short leach. The cold-hearted and manipulative psychiatrist breaks up their band and will stop at nothing to get her way and break Darren away from his best buds.

Wayne and J.D. first try to set up Darren with his high school love, Sandy (Amanda Detmer, Final Destination). This doesn't turn out quite as planned when she informs them she is within a week from taking her final vows to become a nun.          

Wayne and J.D. do their best with illustrations and actions to rope their third amigo back into the circle, but Judith's hold is too tight. They take serious actions through a kidnapping scheme, bringing Karate into the picture with a “chick” beating grown men. These obstacles bring humor into the movie, especially when Judith uses psychiatry to play with their minds.

Last, but not least, Wayne's old high school football coach, R. Lee Ermey, is brought into the picture. The coach, now in prison for killing a ref during a football game, brings even more humor to the scene.

The movie proves to be hysterical in some scenes and almost too silly to believe in others. Wayne and J.D. recruit Neil Diamond to help break Judith and Darren up. Diamond, in his first movie in 20 years, adds a different twist to the ending of the story. This mindless entertainment ends in a surprising way.

Movie's worth: Matinee. Very Funny.

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