Road warriors

The cancellation of the University of Alaska Anchorage women's volleyball road trip to Seattle University and Northwest Nazarene has been rescheduled to coincide with two trips later in the season.

UAA athletic director Steve Cobb said the Great Northwest Athletic Conference will not penalize schools if they fail to reschedule their games, but the university worked with other schools in the conference to keep the games on the docket.

The games have been added to the women's trips to Western Oregon on Sept. 24 and Humboldt St. on Oct. 8.

Cobb says the return to normalcy was more important than the schedule, but with only Central Washington failing to reschedule games, the three-game sets will allow for a better travel schedule with a short homestand in-between.

“The official stance of the conference allows for the university to make a decision, and we feel we have made the right one regarding the extension of the later trips,” Cobb said.

Volleyball coach Kim Lauwers thinks it was good that the games were cancelled out of respect to the victims and families of the terrorist attacks of last week.

Lauwers also thinks that it was good of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the GNAC to leave the decision up to the conferences.

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“We were left on our own to reschedule,” she said. “We've been working hard since Thursday (Sept. 12) to get these games reworked, and tag-teaming on the two trips was the easiest to work with.”

UAA travels to Western Oregon University Sept. 20 to play the Wolves, Humboldt St. and now,Seattle University.

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