Remote jobs provide employment during difficult times

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many Alaskans without jobs or with reduced hours. Businesses that are not considered essential have been temporarily shut down since March 23, leaving residents unsure of where income will come from in the coming months.

Photo by Susanna Marsiglia on Unsplash.

Though some businesses may not be open for in-person work, they may employ workers remotely. These types of jobs can be flexible and sometimes, all that is required is an internet connection and a computer. Students can apply to these jobs and stay home.

There are many types of online jobs. One option is to work as a writer remotely. This can be freelance work, such as articles in magazines or content for online companies such as BuzzFeed. Content creation jobs can also be found at Up Work, which has available positions in all types of media like software startups, blogs and ghostwriting.

Work for people who can do simple editing is available at Grammarly and rates of pay are disclosed upfront. Grammarly only requires basic information from applicants and an online grammar test to assess editing skills.

Working from home has a few advantages. For starters, employees can do their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. The idea of starting a workday in pajamas, not having to deal with co-workers in person and having lunch in one’s own kitchen can be appealing.

Working from home has also been shown to help with worker morale. A 2015 Stanford study based on a Chinese travel company called Ctrip focused on whether productivity would be increased if employees worked from home. The study found that after nine months, the at-home group had more positive results than the in-person workers.

Nicholas Bloom is one of the researchers that conducted the study. He said the results were not exactly what he expected during an interview with Harvard Business Review.

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“We found that people working from home completed 13.5% more calls than the staff in the office did — meaning that Ctrip got almost an extra workday a week out of them. They also quit at half the rate of people in the office — way beyond what we anticipated. And predictably, at-home workers reported much higher job satisfaction,” Bloom said.

Handshake is an online platform for college students to get connected with campus jobs, internships and remote employment options. Current UAA students can create an account and filter through personalized searches for specific types of work. They can also sign up to receive notifications of when these types of jobs become available. Handshake can also be used to set up appointments with UAA Career Services, which helps students prep for interviews and job searches.

The Remote Works Summit Job Portal is an online database that features remote jobs, companies that are currently offering remote work and online freelance jobs. The site also offers resources for working remotely like e-books, blogs and developmental tools. All of these resources are free of charge.

For creative contract jobs, Fiverr offers a wide range of opportunities. Categories for gigs include voice-overs, photoshop skill jobs and graphic design. Creators are paid $5 or more for their work. Another perk for artists of all kinds using Fiverr is that they can build a portfolio while they take on jobs.

The Muse is a job search website that offers remote work options. The site has a clean interface and easy search options. It also offers resources such as job coaching and career advice.

For more information on Handshake, visit the UAA web page “Current: Looking for a job or internship? Welcome to Handshake.” For virtual career advice and job opportunities through UAA, visit the UAA Career Exploration and Services page.