Religion on campus

religion2The pathway to religious enlightenment is like a Dr. Seuss Limerick: One could find it here, one could find it there, one could find it anywhere — even at UAA.

Religion isn’t for everyone, but for students looking for a dose of soul food on campus, there are options through registered religious clubs and organizations.

Geomatics student Anne Rowland, point of contact for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship said the club — which is part of a larger, internationally recognized program — strives to connect with students by hosting regular Bible study sessions and worship nights.

She said the club’s vision is to build community and friendship through helping people learn about Jesus and their potentials to be world-changers.

Rowland said club members handed out gift-wrapped toilet paper to students in the residence halls for the Christmas holiday.

“They were so excited, and the reactions were hilarious,” Rowland said.

This semester the club will put together medical kits to send to countries in Africa.

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Some of the clubs listed on UAA’s official Student Clubs and Organization page, such as the Latter Day Saints Student Association, say they are in the middle of transition and are actively establishing regular times and dates for meetings.

The site also lists the Cardinal Newman Club, a Catholic club “whose mission is to reach out to both Catholics and non-Catholics on campus and promote a sense of campus spiritual unity.” Their meeting times and dates are available on their club page.

The International Youth Fellowship page states the club’s mission is to develop leaders of the next generation who possess humility, strong leadership and mutual understanding through global fellowship. They meet regularly at 5 p.m. Mondays in the Lyla Richards Conference Room in the Student Union.

“You don’t have to wait until after school to worship or make a difference,” Rowland said.


Those looking to start a religious club or organization on campus or for a complete list of existing registered clubs can visit