RED ZONE: Introducing the 2015 Red Zone series

As the trees slowly begin to fade to orange, the fight for parking starts anew and hallways at UAA begin to fill and buzz with conversation, something goes unspoken.


What few will tell you is that the beginning of the school year is a time plagued by sexual assault. More college sexual assaults happen in the first weeks of fall semester leading up to Thanksgiving than the rest of the school year. This period of time has come to be known as the Red Zone.

While awareness of this high-risk period of time is low, even worse still is that less than 5 percent of victims will report to law enforcement, according to the Campus Sexual Assault Study report done in 2007.

The Northern Light is embarking on its second year of publishing a series, entitled the Red Zone, in attempts to decrease the stigma of sexual assault victims, raise awareness of this high-risk time period and bring safety to our campus.

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