Recipes from virtually anywhere in the world can be enjoyed at home

International travel may seem like a faraway dream at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A small taste of it can be had though, with recipes from around the world, virtual tours of cities or a destination movie, where the location of the film is as much the star of the movie as the actors, all from the comfort of home.

Graphic by Michaeline Collins.

Travelling provides many new experiences with sights, people, culture and of course food. An exotic dish can be made at home with a little patience. Recipes like gumbo can take the eater straight to New Orleans with its layers of complex flavors and nuanced spicy aromas.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Gumbo is a customizable dish with a long, rich history originating from New Orleans, Louisiana, or NOLA. Its cultural origins are a melting pot, just like NOLA. It may seem like a complicated recipe but the payoff is a meal with so many taste facets. Mr. B’s Gumbo Ya Ya is a classic gumbo recipe still being served at Mr. B’s Bistro, located in the French Quarter of NOLA.

A colorful virtual tour of New Orleans can accompany some gumbo and for a little while, the travel experience can be had at home. Take a stroll in Jackson Square using a 360 photo tour, experience a virtual bike ride on Bourbon Street and take an aerial tour of the Mississippi River, right from a home computer.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is featured in the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Picturesque scenes are prominent in this destination movie, showing the beauty of Italy. The plot is of romance, adventure and traveling.

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Italy is famous for its bevy of dishes including pizza and pastas and sweet confections such as tiramisu. Creamy Tuscan Chicken can be served with pasta, potatoes or a big chuck of crusty bread. It’s flavors burst with the richness of the sauce and the tart, sweet freshness of the sun dried tomatoes.

South Africa

The country of South Africa is kissed by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans on its sun-soaked beaches. It also has bustling city life in Cape Town. Virtual 360 tours from 360 Africa are available for many of its attractions and natural wonders.

Peri Peri Chicken is a dish with roots in both Africa and Portugal. It is a spicy, savory and sweet chicken that is commonly enjoyed in South Africa. The recipe is simple and the chicken is best made grilled or in the oven, served with a side of rice.


France is a destination that many dream about. From visiting the Eiffel Tower and taking pictures of the Seine at sunset to enjoying the gardens at Versailles, France has many attractions that tourists flock to. You Visit offers free virtual tours of Paris, that is customizable with a city map, narrated and even accompanied by traditional French music. Château De Versaille also has virtual exhibits that are available.

Crêpes are a staple in French cuisine and are either savory or sweet. They are enjoyed from quick street food to many fancy bistros in Paris. Crêpes are like an airy, light pancake that can be filled with a number of delicious things. Some suggestions are Nutella and bananas, jam, whip cream and berries, cheese and ham and chocolate sauce.

For more recipes from around the world, visit Cooking the Globe and Tasty. More virtual city tours can be enjoyed at Mental Floss and Refinery 29. A list of some travel destination movies can be found at The Planet D.