Readying for registration

It feels like yesterday that fall classes started. And yet here we are, already past midterms, and many of us are close to choosing classes for the spring semester. Those who are lucky enough to be graduating this fall no longer have to feel the stress of carefully selecting classes to ensure a timely graduation. But for those that have time left, they will soon feel the pressure of figuring out their destiny for the upcoming semester.

Just this past Monday, the schedule for all spring 2014 classes was available for viewing on UAOnline. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look, sooner than later is best. Whether you are a senior with priority registration or an undeclared freshman, every student should still have a good idea of what classes he or she need to register for. So many people fall into a very deep hole when they wait until the last minute — not only to look at what classes they need to take, but also to even register in general.

Even if you are not a fan of the “Finish in 4” campaign, don’t you still want to finish in a reasonable amount of time? College life is fun for the first few years, but after a while, all you want to do is be done and over with it.

Senioritis hits before you even become a senior. So why make it worse by neglecting to schedule your classes out?

You could end up as a senior with only one class left to take, but that class isn’t offered in that semester. Then you would be stuck here for another semester to finish one class. Some students who do that don’t want to stick around for one class and end up dropping out of college — pretty much throwing away what they have worked for. While all of this may seem dramatic, it is true and can be seen every semester.

So make a plan, look online, check out the classes and figure out what you want to take — and more importantly, what you need to take. To help you out, here are the registration opening dates.

November 8 – Admitted graduate students
November 11 – Admitted seniors (90+ credits)
November 12 – Admitted juniors ( 60-89 credits)
November 13 – Admitted sophomores (30-59 credits
November 14 – Admitted freshman (0-29 credits)
November 25 – Open registration