Radio show brings Mountain View community together

The Mountain View community has held numerous events and activities for friends, families and neighbors to learn more about each other and what they do. Among those activities and events is a new radio show co-hosted by Kirsten Swann and Kate Davis.

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Kate Davis and Kirsten Swann co-host "The Mountain View Post Radio Hour" to inform the Mountain View community of stories and events happening in their neighborhood. Photo credit: Nick Swann

KONR 106.1 FM is a volunteer-based radio station that has provided “The Mountain View Post Radio Hour” a platform for the community to share their voices.

“People seem psyched to be a part of it, and I’m really happy with how many people have wanted to come and have a sweet idea for it,” Swann said. “There are people that are listening and getting useful information. I just hope it gets bigger.”

For Swann, a radio show was not something she expected to be doing. Along with the process came an obstacle when putting on their first show, since it aired during Fur Rondy.

“The street was all shut off, and they were having all the sled dog races right in front of the studio. It was so freaking loud, there were no places for the guests to park. It was kind of a logistics for a nightmare,” Swann said.

Juggling the first few weeks with minimal experience in radio, Swann brought in co-host Kate Davis to help the show run more smoothly. The 13-year-old co-host was originally a guest on the show. Then, Swann asked Davis to volunteer some of her time on the weekend to be a part of the segments.

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“She’s been a long time active member of our community. She does the Mountain View Farmer’s Market, helps volunteer for the Mountain View Post and now the radio show. It’s nice to have her voice out into the community,” BreeAnn Davis, Kate Davis’s mother, said.

Swann has plans on expanding the show into smaller segments of various topics pertaining to all things Mountain View. One of those ideas is hosting local musicians to take part and a playlist of songs from the community.

“I’ll have Kate… ask people to write down their favorite song that week, and we’ll kind of have like a curated playlist by kids in the neighborhood and play that,” Swann said.

Swann and Kate Davis have invested their time in learning more about their community in hopes for the people of Mountain View to take part in the show.

“I like it a lot. It’s really fun because I can see people around the neighborhood that are important that I haven’t met yet,” Kate Davis said.

The “Mountain View Post Radio Hour” on KONR 106.1 FM is on Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m. At the moment, the show cannot reach radios in the Mountain View area but can be streamed on