Radical Recreation: Retired Marine pursues career as personal trainer

After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2015, Tina Dominguez, physical education major with an emphasis in health and fitness leadership, decided to move back to Alaska to further her education. Dominguez always had an interest in fitness, but after some hardships in life, she found a renewed passion and love for fitness. This re-found love influenced her to make a difference in other peoples life through fitness.

While Dominguez was in the Marine Corps, she became certified as a fitness coach and fitness nutrition specialist through the International Sports Science Association.

Dominguez is a health, wellness and fitness coach and does in-person training at Southside Strength and Fitness and Uptown Athletic and through her online coaching business called Domn8 Fitness.

Tina Dominguez balances on a kettle bell, demonstrating balance and strength. Dominguez, a retired Marine, returned to Alaska to pursue a physical education degree. Photo credit: Tina Dominguez

“My philosophy is simple, everybody matters and so does every body. I help people realize their full potential by achieving a higher level of well-being, performance and physical fitness,” Dominguez said.

Rebecca Fidler, friend and prior athlete under Dominguez’s coaching at Turnagain CrossFit, is inspired by her determination to help others.

“With Tina [Dominguez]’s intensive military background and training, she shows me strong traits of being strict, yet compassionate. She challenges me to push the boundaries of where I feel I would have otherwise plateaued,” Fidler said.

Dominguez emphasizes the importance of forming a growth-promoting relationship that inspires self-motivation, elicits the idea of change and facilitates the processes through goal setting, accountability and visioning.

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“My overall goal is to be known for promoting a positive and lasting change in people’s lives so that they can live a life full of confidence, vitality, and fulfillment,” Dominguez said.

Dominguez described the most rewarding part of being a personal trainer is when a client gains strength and confidence and outgrows their need for her.

“My favorite thing about fitness and being a personal trainer is when I see my clients eyes light up when they finished a workout that they never thought they could do, or when a client gains the confidence to go to the gym by themselves,” Dominguez said. “I also love when clients lose weight, body fat or gain muscle if that was their goal, but it’s more about the positive mindset gains that I love the most.”

According to Fidler, Dominguez puts everything into helping others become body positive.

“Tina’s passion for fitness and nutrition goes much deeper than the surface. She puts her whole heart into this industry. Not only is she an inspiration, but she genuinely wants to help those around her achieve their goals. She is always quoting Theodore Roosevelt with, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy,’” Fidler said.

Helping others find their ultimate self is one of Dominguez’s goals that can be seen throughout her training.

“The last thing she wants is to have you be intimidated of where she and others rank on their fitness journey. She wants to help you find a stronger you and for you to be extremely proud of your accomplishments along the way. She empowers women and men to feel comfortable in their own skin,” Fidler said.

Through schooling, Dominguez hopes to expand her online coaching and continue helping others through fitness.

“I hope to grow my online coaching business to be able to help more people around the world, I don’t want to be limited to just the people in my city,” Dominguez said. “Some of my personal and long-term goals are to continue growing my online coaching business and to help change as many lives as possible.”

Carolyn Rodriguez attends Dominguez’s CrossFit class at Uptown Athletic and plans on continuing her training through Dominguez.

“Tina is one of the best, she is knowledgeable, motivating and creates a positive environment for her training. She sticks by you during training letting you know if your form needs work or if you need an extra push in your workout game,” Rodriguez said.

Dominguez can be found on Instagram @domn8_fit, where she posts the most often and on her website at www.domn8fitness.training.