Projecting the madness: Sweet 16 edition

My bracket burning commenced the second Nasir Robinson picked up that foul. And after the way I disrespected Butler last year, watching my bracket die in the hands of Butler was fitting.  With the death of my bracket, my mind has been freed. Below are some unbiased looks at the state of the tourney.



– Last week I said Pitt is the best team in the country when they’re playing their best basketball. I was wrong; I forgot what OSU is capable of when their shooters are wet. For example: They can put down a 50-15 run on a competent George Mason team. I spent all halftime thinking what a perfect opportunity it was for Luke Hancock to create his 30 for 30 story. He didn’t, and OSU crushed George Mason en route to a 32-point win.

– Josh Harrellson’s making me think letting the bracket ride on him wouldn’t have been such a terrible idea. Enes who?

Enes Kanter, the guy who could’ve sold me on Kentucky over OSU.

– Marquette vs. UNC – is a game between two cooler jerseys possible? Not in this era. I’d rather both jerseys move on, but one must meet a hanger at the end of the day. Give me the Tar Heel blue by five.

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– Derrick Williams needs to pull out a Loren Woods-esque performance for the Cats to have a chance. Loren Woods did have a really good game against Duke in ’01, right? I know there’s a reason I have positive memories about him. Thing is, Loren’s efforts didn’t win Zona the game. Neither will Derrick’s, unfortunately.

– UConn keeps hitting open shots, UConn wins. Calhoun’s finest coaching adjustment may have been definitely was the benching of Okwandu. Coombs can eat up the gut of zones with turnaround jumpers, and Roscoe Smith is about 3,000 times more proficient than Okwandu in all areas of basketball.



– I imagine Adrian Branch looking over to Miles Simon with a huge smile after every play Kevin Anderson makes. Or texting him a bunch of mispelled praises of Anderson. “K.A. SLICINNG UP THE MOREHAD D U SEEIN THIS SIMON DUZNT HE REMIND U OF SOME1? LIKE A CLOSE FREIND OF URS WHO PLAYED PT FOR A TEAM U WON A CHAMPONSHIP WIT IN COLLEGE. I DUNNO MAYBE ITS JUST ME.” (In case you don’t know, this is referencing a joke I made last week about Adrian Branch infuriating Miles Simon with Kevin Anderson/Mike Bibby comparisons.)

– I want the Branch-Simon storyline to continue, but I fear Kansas will win by double digits. Illinois gave them a good wake up call. Now the Morris’ are ready for war. Speaking of the Morris’, since they are so hard to tell apart, I usually fall into the mindset that they are the same person during games, which leaves me with the impression that one of the Morris bros went wild and made basically every play. And don’t even for a second think of telling me, “Markieff is the taller one.” You’ve got some wicked vision if the 1-to-2-inch difference in height is enough for you to tell which is which.

– Florida State eliminated Notre Dame; therefore, I cannot root or pick against them. Let’s all hit the Peanut Farm dressed up as Seminoles.



– I thought Shelvin Mack was the best player on Butler last year. Just needed to let that be known. He’s going to give Jordan Taylor fits, and vice-versa. Same story applies to Jon Leuer and Butler’s bigs (Howard, Smith). I don’t think either team has an overwhelming advantage here. Butler wins in a tight one.

That was tough for me.

– Florida will end The Jimmer. All the complaints about Florida’s seeding overshadowed what a good basketball team they are. There’s also the possibility that I’m so mesmerized by how well Parsons moves without the basketball that it is now overshadowing what a flawed team they are. No, that’s not the case.

To recap: I’m taking OSU, UNC, Duke, UConn, Kansas, Florida State, Butler, and Florida. But who cares? Madness is more enjoyable after your bracket is reduced to ash.