Presidential race full of surprises, even if outcome was known from the start

I’d like to start this week’s column off with a walk down memory lane. Back on Feb. 12, 2008, during the presidential primaries, I went out on a limb to call not only the probable winners of the primaries, but the outcome of the entire race.

I was right, now allow me just a moment to savor this: I won.
After first analyzing the other three most likely match-ups, I went on to say of a showdown between now President-elect Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain: “Last but not least, this pairing gets my nod as the most likely to actually appear at the polls. Hands down, Obama would win.”

I then went on to elaborate upon how incredibly boring McCain is, and I dare you to dispute that.

However, just because it was obvious to me back in February what the outcome would be this November, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an exciting ride.

There were moments this season when the answer wasn’t so clear-cut. For instance, after McCain’s nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin, I had a moment of conflicting interests that caused me to consider my position.

Did I want my local political hero and fellow Alaskan to make a leap to the top, or would I remain backing Obama, who I felt had the progressive policies necessary to get this nation back on track? I arrived at the decision that my personal preference came second to the needs of the nation. As McCain would have said: “country first.”

I held fast for Obama, and I’m sure McCain would love to hear me taking his quote out of context and applying it to the president-elect.

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Now, being an Alaskan, I knew I was going to be in the underwhelming minority with my choice of candidate. If it ever seemed like Alaska’s three electoral votes were in question, McCain sealed that up with his selection of Palin as his running mate.

However, I always vote, even if only for the local races. I’d like to say that I was a lot less disappointed this year with the way that things turned out. Four out of the five candidates I voted for either won their election or are leading going into races that are too close to call. I have to say that it feels nice.

And I wasn’t wrong about Stevens’ Alaskan popularity, was I?
Before I go, I’d like to take just a moment to say something about the vehement opposition of Obama during the presidential race. I hope that everyone who was involved in smearing the president-elect’s name feels at least a small twinge of guilt.

I don’t expect everyone to love Obama-lord knows I never liked President Bush-but I do expect you to realize that the things that were being claimed about him were asinine.

He’s not a terrorist, a socialist, or the Anti-Christ. We are not headed into anarchy, the end-times or a communist regime. Thankfully, most supporters of McCain I’ve talked to since the election have reluctantly conceded these points.

Since republicans are apparently now willing to give our next president a chance, and haven’t killed themselves or moved out of the country as so many threatened, I hope you realize that the hyperbole you were spewing all year long was nothing but bad karma.

Lastly, speaking of violent opposition to Obama, whoever paint-balled my Obama/ Biden billboard: I hope you enjoyed that, but who’s laughing now?